ReclaiMe A Free Tool To Recover Deleted Files For Windows 10|8.1|7|XP

Ever come across a scenario that you require a file that was deleted by you a few days ago? Or a scenario in which the file got deleted by mistake?

If the answer to any of the above two question is yes than what you require is a recovery software that allows you to re generate those deleted files and folders. There is no magic behind it just a basic science that scans your hard disk for those files.


Whenever you delete a file from your hard disk the file becomes unavailable in the graphical user interface of your display, but the scenario on your hard disk is somewhat different. Actually what happens is that a pointer that points to that specific files get deleted but the data is still present on the hard disk, so a question might pop up in your mind that why on earth do you see that free space after deletion of the file. The answer is yet again in front of you, what happened is that the Operating system only displays that the file cleared from your system had a direct effect on your memory.

Well there is a catch for the retrieval of any file or folder, on the hard disk the file deleted location will not get replaced until or unless the operating system over writes that area with a new file or folder, the software allows you to claim back those still unclaimed piece of files and folders that have not yet been over written by any other file by creating back the pointer temporarily that you require. But the condition still remains that the memory area should not have been over written earlier before the scanning, that is why the fact remains that any software does not claim 100% recovery at all times.

ReclaiMe File Recovery

ReclaiMeThis software is amongst the many available software that are available in the market in today’s scenario that can be utilized to retrieve the deleted files by anyone on a system. The software is amazingly easy to use as well as it provides the user with a graphical user interface that helps you to easily go through the procedure of recovering your deleted data. The main points that the developer of the application specify on the homepage of the website are

•That the software is simple to use.

ui of application

Here is the interface that anyone could understand

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•The user may preview the data before recovery.
•It is flexible software and works with most of the media storing devices available in the market today.



•It works on most of the file systems.
•And lastly the software has received many awards and reviews for its utilization.

More over there are videos guides that explain and you can find all the videos here

The option available are a free downloadable version with not much utility but can be bought from the online website. There are two packages available on the internet currently; the first is for $79.95 which supports only Windows computers which the developers call as the standard version. The second package is for $199.95 which is called the ultimate package and works on Windows Linux Macs and NASes. There is also an option to upgrade from a lower package to a higher package.

Get free package

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