CometChat Review |An All In All WordPress Live Chat Plugin

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which can be extensively enhanced by adding plugins to the basic installation, there is a plugin available for every type of work one wants to do in WordPress ranging from making a contact form to creating an E-commerce website. Today I am going to provide a review on a chat plugin developed and designed by CometChat. This chat plugin is built on JQuery adding flexibility and compatibility with all type of browser, developing a plugin in JQuery allows you to build a software which rarely creates a conflict with other modules of the website, therefore making the installation of this as an all win situation.


messaging jquery

Quick look on the overall features

There are four packages that have been made available by the company for purchasing purposes; the different packages are named basic, professional, premium, platinum costing $49, $129, $249, and $499 respectively. Each of the packages has its unique features included in them; this allows the buyer to choose what package suits the best to his or her needs. CometChat includes add-ons that allow you to provide iOS and Android app at a cost of $399 also provides a desktop chat client at the cost of $199. Now that we have now have had a proper look at the pricing of the different packages and add-ons available. Let us look at the features of the it. Amazingly the it contains all the features required from as simple as adding smiley with text to sharing files between user.

Other than one to one messaging it also allows you to create chat room which are open to any user of the website to join if they are logged in. Now if we look at the features provided in the one to one chat dialog box we come across the first option which is sending a smiley and I do want to specify that each type of smiley that you see in messaging software today has been made available. Other basic features that you find in this chatting package are reporting, downloading the conversation to desktop and block user. Other than these basic features, features like video and audio calling has also been introduced which provide a decent quality of conversation between users. It is needless to say that the features video and audio calling do require a good internet connection otherwise a great lag is experienced or sometimes even call drop occur.

simple window

Who all are online


Starting discussion


Smiles available

One unique feature that is present in it and has been introduced in all of the chatting software lately is the chat in your own language feature. It covers a wide variety of languages to choose from. Coming back to the designing and development of it, the integration of Gtalk is also made available by the developers. The designing team has done miracles and have made a replica of many of the well known chatting software available on the internet, the different design provided are classic, facebook, Hangout, lite and Synergy. Classic being their own default design for the plugin.


  • White-labelled Mobile Chat App v2.5.1 is now available for all

Final thought

Over all I would like to say that while buying the CometChat please look closely at what package full fill your needs and yes this is a one stop plugin to full fill all the requirements of your chatting needs.

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