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In today’s article, we can talk about a new a new VPN, and that is Psiphon. First, I can tell about what is VPN and why it uses an also how you can download and how you can install and even use it. VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is used to connect your Internet to various countries that mean your IP address changed to other countries.  It very useful do you know why? Because of it hides your IP address and save you from hackers means to say that when you do something private on the Internet that time it is used with the help of this nobody knows that what are you doing on the Internet. Many VPNs are paid, and many are free so you can easily. Many hackers are tracking you that what are you doing on the Internet when you do some private work, and according to that they access your laptop. It is the very rare case, but it happens. It is also used when many sites are blocked in your country, but it is working in other countries so that via VPN you can connect to various countries and you can directly access it.

What is Psiphon-

Psiphon is a VPN that helps you to connect your internet to other countries so you can just access that sites. Psiphone VPN is a free open source internet circumvention tool that uses a combination of the communication that is secured and also uses obfuscation technologies which are VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy. It is specially designed to support users in countries considered to be “enemies” of the internet.  It is designed to secure-bypass the content-filtering systems used by governments to impose censorship. The Citizen Lab develops it at the University of Toronto; it is designed upon the various generations of web proxy system that is called Safe Web and “Anonymizer” system.

The best thing about this Psiphon Wifi is, it is free and simple to use and download. For PC there is no premium version, but there is a premium version for the Android. The Psiphon is available for all Operating Systems like Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows too. It supports all version of Windows after Windows Vista. There is a single link to Psiphon VPN so you can directly download for all  Operating Systems.

Steps how to use Psiphon-

  1. First, open your browser and connect to the Internet.
  2. Open  Psiphon official website and goto windows logo and click on Psiphon for Windows [ ] It can directly download the VPN its just 7 MB software.

  • After completing the download double click on it. It never installs in your system.
  • When you open the Psiphon, then it shows a message “Connecting” and the circle is there.

  • After 8-10 seconds it connected to the fastest country and also colour changes to Green means connected.

  • There are many options to connect to the other countries.

  • After successfully connected a default browser are open, and it shows where are you connected in which country and what your new IP address.

I already told you that it is free and small-sized VPN. I also use in my college because when I connect to my college’s wifi, then it needs some id password to connect but when I joined my laptop or smartphone to Psiphon, then the internet is working, and also it gives the better speed.

The problem what I was facing is that when I use Internet Download Manager while using Psiphon and the problem is IDM, and also the utorrent is not working if I can download with the browser then it’s okay but not with Internet Download Manager and utorrent.

Pros of Psiphon-

  • The first and foremost pro is it is free to use there is no pro version for PC.
  • You have features to connect with many countries.
  • It is simple to use and also simple to connect.
  • It’s never installed on your PC just double click on the software and its working.
  • It is for all operating System Android, IOS, Mac.


  • I already told you about this not working on Internet Download Manager and torrent.
  • Sometime in rear case, it is not working just message come connecting.

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