How to remove Password from Windows 11 PDF without software for free

PDF file usually contains information that is important for interested people. Whatever field you may be working in, PDFs are a prominent format where information is passed through. As a result, there are also password-protected PDFs that increase the security of those files. However, there could be times when you want to remove those passwords. So what is the move for making protected to unprotected PDF? Here is how to remove passwords from Windows 11 PDF

Method 1: Remove password protection with Microsoft

Anyone can do the following method as you only need a Windows computer and your PDF. Windows can read PDF format documents so you shouldn’t face any problem opening it. Now that you can open it, you can also remove its password protection if there is any. However, you should know its password so that you can open the file in the first place.

  • Turn On your computer and open the path that leads to the PDF document.
  • Double-click on the PDF file that has password protection turned ON. (Your computer will open your PDF on any browser, but it mostly opens PDFs on Chrome).
  • That PDF that you tried to open will ask for a password. Simply enter the password-protected key into the respective space.
  • Now go to the open file area and let the content of the PDF show up on the screen.
  • Press the Ctrl key and P together to open the print dialogue box.
  • The print dialogue box will have many printing options including the print button. select “Microsoft Print to PDF” as your printing option.

  • Hit on Print and it will save the PDF into your local storage in your PC.

The newly created copy of the PDF will not have any password protection. Now you can denote the file as an unprotected PDF document.

Method 2: Use ASPOSE PDF Password Remover

ASPOSE is a comprehensive productivity service that provides tools that help users with their administrative work. The services of ASPOSE include Word apps, Email apps, slides apps PDF apps, etc. You can utilize these ad-free services for free and enhance your workflow.

One of the main services we will focus on here is the “Aspose.PDF Apps”. Using the PDF apps you can view and edit PDFs. You can also convert various PDF formats and unlock the files. Other basic features of PDF readers are also present here. Removing passwords from PDFs is possible with Aspose, here is how you do it.

  • Go to “Aspose.PDF Apps” from its official website or simply click on the following link.
  • Your screen will display the main UI of Aspose once you visit the PDF removal page of Aspose.
  • Double-click on the area where you have uploaded the file and a new prompt will open.

  • The new window prompt and you have to select the PDF that requires the removal of its password.

  • Enter the password in the “Type Password” section and Click on “Unlock”.

  • Aspose will do its job and create the unprotected file. Just save the copy of the PDF in your storage. You can even send the PDF directly as an email attachment.

There is no limit to how many PDFs you can convert with ASPOSE. As long you are willing to work with ASPOSE, you can do it without spending any money. The availability of this platform is also great since it is compatible with all the common operating systems.

Method 3: Use Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a third-party software that is available on most Windows computers. You do not have to install the app and go through its cumbersome registration process. We added this method simply because it is already installed on your computer (most of the computers). So here is how you can use Adobe Acrobat to unprotect your PDF.

  • Fire up the Acrobat software on Windows 11.
  • Go to open and select the PDF that you want to open.
  • Enter its password to unlock the PDF and display its content on the screen.
  • Click on “File” and then go to “Properties”.
  • The properties tab will open up where you have to choose the Security tab.
  • Under the section of Security, look under “Security Method” and select the “No Security” option.
  • Acrobat may ask for the password again so enter it again.
  • Now click on the “OK” button.
  • Save the file as a new PDF.

Now Acrobat has successfully removed the password-protected key from the PDF.


Now you know three amazing options to remove passwords from PDFs. If you are a Windows 11 user then you need to know these methods. Whenever you need to remove the password of any PDF then you can rely on the methods mentioned here.

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