2024’s top Android development trends

There is no doubt 2022 will be the edge-cutting, groundbreaking, and revolutionary year in so many ways. As far as android development is concerned, many advanced and radical features will be added to existing applications and new development projects. World shattering technology that is faster, reliable, and has more customer base capturing topographies will be new cherry-picks for android users.

The development of android applications keeps evolving fast, driven mainly through the customer experience & Google’s never-ending creativity. To maintain a competitive advantage as a businessman, you should take advantage of such trends and build a professional team to keep up with them. We will concentrate on some of the most significant of these, which we must begin implementing in 2022.

Kotlin Flow

Just several years back, Kotlin was designated as the standard programming language. Coroutines within Kotlin became famous a long time back. Today it’s essential to switch onto another phase: Kotlin Flow, a compact RxJava replacement.

We may output several asynchronously calculated values using Kotlin Flow. Stateflow, or its changeable equivalent, which provides a current value, would likely be one of the most common picks. After that, you may start learning how to use Flow builders & Sharedflow.

It has quite several operators in common with RxJava. However, it tries to keep things simple. It must be your preferred pick if you utilize Kotlin Coroutines. It also enables LiveData; nevertheless, Android development continues shifting away from LiveData to Flow. Whenever you would like to know further about Kotlin Flow, JetBrains has put together some excellent documentation.


The Hilt is a brand-new dependency injection framework based on a famous Dagger. It is optimized for Android & comes with support for fragments, Activities, view models, and, as previously said, Jetpack Compose. Compared to Dagger, the setup is straightforward, and the mistakes are more pronounced. Thus, it becomes relatively intuitive, especially for those with little familiarity using dependency injection. Hilt has a lot of features regarding Android development, as you’ve seen. It appears to be the direction of our growth, and if you’ve never explored it yet, now is the chance.

 Jetpack compose

Without a doubt, the most important revelation of the previous year. Even though it’s simply for something like the UI layer, it has ramifications in several aspects of development. On Android, it’s an entirely different technique of constructing views. We might be able to eventually abandon XMLs & substitute imperative reasoning using declarative reasoning. With a new approach to user interface design, Android soon caught up to alternative platforms.

Jetpack Compose has been built on the Kotlin programming language. It also has a lot of Google backing. However, it still has certain limits to building really liberal ideas. Improved navigation, themes, and saving states, on the other hand, are supported. There are several videos and blogs with lessons, so it’s definitely worth a go, particularly with Material You support on the way in 2021. Furthermore, if you decide to use Jetpack Compose, you should familiarize yourself using Accompanist, the Compose support library.

5G technology

Who does not want a fast internet? But what about the fastest internet? Compared to the 2G, 3G, and 4G technology now 5G is much faster and more agile technology launched by Google. To expand the business at breakneck speed applications are being launched based on 5G technology. This is a much advanced, faster, and more impactful internet accessing technique. For new startups that run on android setups having a new companion like 5G will boost the edge cutting competitive advantage.


Chatbots are no longer a buzzword but a new revolutionary term in customer relationships and customer services. The addition of Chatbots within mobile phone applications will prove to be an exciting and excellent feature to foster customer relationship management. So, are you thinking about what Chatbots are? These are programmed and robotic quick responding add-ons that facilitate on-time and on-demand. Against customer queries, these Chatbots provide 24/7 help desk services. These computerized programs automate and stimulate two-sided conversation and provide installed information in text or voice form. For example, you must have encountered a one-time code generator when you resent your password for any login. Yes, this is a recent form of a chatbot. Similar computerized programs will be observed in android application development in 2022.

Instant launch apps

Many people are not familiar with this term but they encounter so much frustration when this situation comes. The delay in the launch or installation of an application is the most concerning thing for generation Z users. To cater to this situation a much advanced and robust technology is introduced in the Android ecosystem. These are instant launch apps. This technology feature will work in 2 ways. One is that you can instantly try out the app features within the app store and secondly the launching time of the app will be considerably reduced. so without downloading or catching up extra space on your phone, any app would be able to go under your trail with this amazing feature.

Cloud-based storage facility within apps

Storage has been another major concern for Android users. Applications take much of phone space and data is lost when those apps are deleted. Now to deal with this, cloud-based applications have been in the market. In 2022 android tendencies will incline towards cloud-based application development to make users’ life easy. This feature will help users in multiple ways. One is it will help eradicate extra storage needs for android users. Secondly, it will help users’ access data anytime from anywhere. Apple storage has optimized this technology in the form of an I-cloud. Now, this is the turn of android to make such a data center for users.


There may appear to be only three themes. Nonetheless, since they impact all codebase layers, they might completely alter the Android programming applications.

Furthermore, I think these three technologies must be utilized in tandem to aid in developing a stronger, more resilient codebase that is simpler to test. These are the most recent Android trends, and spending little time mastering them will undoubtedly generate income.

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