How to Cast Your Net as a Freelancer

Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer or back-end developer, you can offer your services on a freelance basis. However, there are many people who stray away from the freelance business because they assume it’s too challenging. While there are definitely elements that can be hard, it can also be an extremely rewarding endeavor to embark upon. You’ll get to create your own schedule and limits. Once you’ve reached a certain level, you can choose the projects you’d like to work on. You can also consider the time you’d like to spend working. If you’d like to take three months off, you have the power to make that call. However, as you move forward, you’ll want to cast your net in order to catch work on a consistent basis with a few strategies.

Freelance Profiles within the Freelancing Network

There are tons of freelancing websites on the internet. Some platforms allow you to set your rate. Others might make a few suggestions of rates you need to take as a beginner. Do your research to learn more about how people can succeed on a particular platform. No platform operates identically. There are various nuances you’ll have to consider. When you’re working on a platform like, you already know that your clients are looking for an inexpensive deal on the work you can provide. Knowing this, make sure you’re fully aware of your rate. Be secure in your asking rate because the right people will pay you what your work is worth. While it’s good to be mindful of the competition, don’t allow yourself to become consumed by it. Establish yourself on the freelancing profiles by consistently updating your profile. Work on your skillset. As you develop and improve your craft, your clients will have more faith and trust in your abilities to perform. Additionally, freelancing platforms are the perfect places to use that stunning professional headshot. If you don’t have one at first, that’s okay. However, looks are important. First impressions matter. Make sure your profile picture sends the right message of being professional.



Consistently pitch yourself to different brands within the freelancing platforms. It’s also wise to pitch brands who are creating content or ads on the internet. Visit a coupon discount site. Take a look at the companies who are offering discounted services. They obviously want to increase their bottom line. Consider how your services can help them. Send an email to encourage the business owner to set up a call with you. As you’re able to connect and strike a deal that works for you both, you’ve secured a client that might be around for a long time. Then, you’ll want to rinse and repeat the pitching process that works best for you. If you’re great at connecting with people through a platform like LinkedIn, spend quality time on pitching your business. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll increase your chances of bringing home business on a regular basis. When your work day gets started, consider the activities that will bring the money in. If you have two client projects to finish, those are the money-making projects you’ll want to focus on. Coming in at a close second is the act of pitching. Never let a working day go by without pitching your services if you’d like to keep working for a long time.

Developing Your Name as an Authority within the Niche

If you’ve been putting in the work, you’ll eventually develop a list of clientele. As you gain clients that are happy with what you’ve done, make sure they’re well aware of their ability to vouch for you. If you’re on a freelancing platform, as the client to give a review of your work. When they can leave a positive review, this validates you within that particular freelancing space. Because you want to curate positive reviews, always make sure you ask clients who’ve had great experiences with you. Hopefully, you’ll ask all of your clients because you’re consistently excellent. However, there are times when people don’t mesh well. It’s understandable to have one or two customers who aren’t in love with your work. That’s okay. As long as you move on to find the ones who do, you’ll be in great shape.

Additionally, the creation of your own website can help you to develop your name as an authority. On a specific page, leave links to all of the freelancing platforms you’re connected to. As people are able to find your website, they can support your brand in different ways. If you’re a freelance graphic designer who also has a line of t-shirts you’ve designed, you can sell them through your website. Once they’re designed, make sure your website is designed to maintain the capacity of orders you get. Whether you’re able to get 100,000 sales in the first year or the first five years, always maintain a system like big commerce enterprise to sustain the numbers you receive and the online transactions you’ll have to facilitate.

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