Mobile Tracker Free – Best Monitoring Application for all Kind of Purposes

Mobile Tracker free is the Android app that will help you manage all basic monitoring information on your mobile. This app is one kind of the monitoring software, which installs on your cell phone, and allows many different activities on your device and location to be monitored easily from other location having an Internet access through the web-based platform.

What is Mobile Tracker Free all about?

It is one kind of cell phone monitoring program that will help you get complete details on what is happening in your Android phone. Do not worry. As this application is quite simple to use, and it includes many features and important thing is it is completely free to use.

Benefits of Using this service 

If you are looking to install this software on your mobile, then go through the following benefits that you will get using this amazing software:

  • Using this amazing software you will find all the details of the mobile number by typing in the mobile number.
  • With this app, you can view mobile location using its map feature.
  • If you are not sure who called you or it is an unknown number then you will able to track that number by making us of free app.
  • With this app you will find the operator information and location of any Mobile number.

How to use it?

Let us understand the process on how to use the spy app: –

First you need to open your tracker app and type in your phone number and hit on enter button, then you will get all the details on the next screen.

This is the free application where you can monitor your mobile phone. Track SMS and MMS, recording and Call logs, Contact, Location, Facebook, Photos, Application tracker, WhatsApp, and many amazing features in store.

You will just have to download this app on your mobile phone and will be able to enjoy all the features that the phone carries along.



Main function provided by this software is capability of monitoring the GPS location, current and previous one. This particular function is very important when you have got difficulties with your kid’s behavior.

Calls Recordings

It is one special device that offer user with the unique chance of recording all messages, calls or other data, together with the detailed information about the current locations.

Social Networks Monitoring

When using this app, you won’t face any problems of looking through the chats, messages, posts, or other activities in the social networks.

Best Software to Download

It is the special and advanced mobile phone software that is used to monitor the child’s daily activities or locations. Being the highly convenient and efficient app, this tool is downloaded easily from any website, which provides familiar software. With many amazing features provided, user will get all requested information on their mobile phone. You can see all the activity using the web dashboard directly:

It can work from anywhere with the active internet access, thus it is not at all dependent on the specific networks. It is very helpful for people who travel overseas with their phones. It works totally in the stealth mode, which is just undetectable, thus you will not need to worry about the users of this device than yourself knowing that monitoring is happening. Unluckily, there’s not any way to install this software remotely that means you require an access to target device to install this for tracking to happen.

The data collected by an app gets transferred easily to your Dashboard immediately, but if connection is severed or app cannot transfer any new data, then data will get saved for 4 hours. After 4 hours, your app will try to resend this data. Providing active connection is there, and data will stay current. There are even other features like Remote Control option, Blocking a number etc. from your dashboard itself:

Pros and Cons


  • Background Operation
  • Simple to use
  • Multiple Tracking Metrics


  • Target Device Needs Internet Connection

Final Verdict

Mobile Tracker Free is the best software to monitor everything that you want on your mobile phone. You can spy on the text messages, WhatsApp, Calls, Web Browsing, Facebook, Photo Capture, Live Recording, and more without any Android Device.

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