Google Chrome 124 Offline Installer Download Windows Mac

Undoubtedly Google Chrome has always amazed internet users with its exciting features. It has been providing smooth and efficient browsing features for users around the globe. Recently Chrome has launched its new version known as Chrome 124. This version is amazing and has several advanced features. Google Chrome is known for its combination of simple design with technology to run the Web in a faster, safer and easier manner.

Google Chrome 124 Offline Installer Download Windows Mac

Download Google Chrome 124 Offline Windows Installer Download Google Chrome 124 Offline Mac Installer


A recently realised version of Google Chrome called Chrome 124 has got some key changes as compared to its previous version i.e. Chrome 123. It has got features like a new keyboard shortcut, store the local password, circle-to -search- style etc.

Advanced Features of Chrome 124


Chrome 124 made easy installation of any website on a desktop

The process of installing any website as a Web app style on Windows took a longer time. The process of installation was not that intuitive. Chrome didn’t have a specialised and dedicated option for the installation. You had to use the Create Shortcut option in the Save and Share menu. After going to the tab, you had to select the Open as Window option.

Now by using the recently launched Chrome 124, you don’t have to use that long method. You can easily decide to turn a website into a window app right instead of the Shave and Share menu. This feature available now will save you from undergoing a complicated process and exploring a long route.

Chrome 124 performs on the bottom bars for the Google Apps

For a long time, Chrome didn’t work on the bottom bar options for Androids or iOS. Recently it has worked on this feature in the recent version of Chrome. However, no such official confirmation has yet come. There are possibilities that the committee add a bottom bar to Chrome custom tabs which can be opened using the Google app.

We have seen that Chrome 124 is showing some hints that the feature might come soon. The bottom bar might provide some options to enhance a detailed and deep search into the browser. But till now this feature has yet to come and many assumptions have been made on it.

Open in Reading mode

You will get an option to view the contents of a website in reading mode. Let click anywhere on a website then select open in reading mode.

This will create a new window inside the webpage that will display the content of the website more clearly in text form.

Chrome 124 might launch a Circle-to-Search-style feature

Google is currently working on providing various Android features available on desktops. There might be some lens upgrades on Chrome as well as some new Android features. This feature works by converting your current tabs into a screenshot. This will enable the lens to be used in the captured screenshot.

Circle to Search has been provided by Google for Samsung and Google phones. There are possibilities for the expansion of these features by Google.

Chrome 124 to have a new keyboard Shortcut

Chrome 124 is doing some preliminary work for a new keyboard shortcut. You no longer have to operate the system every time accessing the full-screen option. You just have to press and hold the Esp key to get the same result. As per a recent update, this feature is not working.

Local passwords in Play services are to be stored on Android by Chrome 124

Chrome has the feature to store your local password in Android when you don’t sync your passwords with your Google Account. Now the recent changes made by Chrome are amazing. You can change your password credentials stored in the Android.

Chrome 124 has the excellent feature of storing the local password in the Google Play service. Previously this feature was only available on the cloud-based version. The interface of the new version is slightly different and more appealing. This policy was already available for the new users in Chrome 123 but now it will be available for all the users in Chrome 124.

Why Chrome 124?

Chrome 124 version launched by Google has got some really convincing reasons for its arrival.

  • Privacy on the topmost Priority

In this era where privacy is the topmost concern Chrome 124 has significant features to protect and safeguard users’ data. It also aims to maintain transparency. The centralised hub being an important part of the Privacy Guide helps the users to keep a check on their online activities. You can keep all your personal information from being leaked. The sandbox mode also imposed restrictions and limitations on the sharing of personal information without affecting the browsing experience.

  • Optimized Performances and Responsiveness

Chrome has improved the memory management and resource allocation. Now you can load the pages faster and smother. The browsing experience has been improved a lot. You can handle the high definition video streaming, resource-intensive tasks and many more complex Web applications with ease.

  • Automatic and Effective tab management

Users have been facing various problems while managing multiple tabs. This issue has been addressed in the Chrome 124 version. Users can now group related tabs and organize them to use while performing different tasks. Along with that, the new version had a bird’s eye view of all the tabs which are opened. You can easily locate the required tab and resume your task.

  • Integration with Google Ecosystem

If you are invested in the Google ecosystem the Chrome 124 version has got a piece of good news. It offers integration of Google services and products. The browser is linked with Google Drive which will help you manage the cloud-based files easily. The AI-powered assistant will be provided with simple voice commands or keyboard shortcuts. You can carry out web browsing, schedule your appointment and perform serval other tasks.

Final Words

Chrome 124 version has grabbed the attention of the users. Due to its improvement in privacy protection, optimised performance, intuitive tab management and other services this Chrome version is worth praising. Whether you are a power user or a normal user the features available in Chrome 124 cater for the needs of every single user. The advanced features launched by Google in this recent version have provided a seamless experience to its users. Go explore the Chrome 124 version to learn about the new and advanced features of this version.

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