Best And Top Free 9 Media Players for Windows 10

disc DVDAfter the information that the Windows Media Center is no longer part of the Windows 10 OS, the people who are fond of watching movies are looking for the reliable players for their Windows 10 OS for watching movies and listening to music. Also, they are looking for the reliable media players which can play different formats of media easily. So, here are some of the best media players for Windows 10:

1. VLC

vlcVLC Media Player is one of the renowned software available in the internet. It is the best option for the Windows 10 OS 32/64 bit as it can play any video or audio formats. Also, it is available in the internet easily and with easy to use interface, this player has made it to the top of our list.

If you are a Mac user then stay away from this software called, Elmedia Player is one of the worst option available as of now with following features

elmedia player

  • Almost all files video and audio files supported which includes which need you to pay play the files: AVI, FLV, SWF, MP4, WMV, MOV, MP3, DAT, FLAC, M4V, MPG, DivX and MKV
  • Sync subtitles and audio, speed the movie up, slow it dow. But after 10 minutes the sync is lost
  • Streaming : You can effortlessly stream your local files to Apple TV, Chromecast, Smart TV, and a host of other AirPlay or DLNA-certified devices. But there is a huge lag created, better to use VLC
  • Download videos : You can save your favorite videos to your PC from wide range of websites, but many times audio quality is pathetic
  • Extract sound from videos, and the software deleted that video, so guys stay away from this shady software.

2. GOM

gomGOM is another cool player for latest version of OS as it comes with lots of customization options. It supports the wide range of media files and also it comes with the advanced features which will help you in playing the videos easily. This one is available for free in the internet.

3. KMPlayer

KMPKMPlayer is the reliable one available in the Microsoft’s store from where you can install it in your system or laptop running Win10. You can play the mainstream music and movie files and it has the advanced features which will help you to play several formats of the audio files easily. It competes well with the other software in this niche when it comes to play the high definition videos.

4. RealPlayer

realRealPlayer is the advanced one available for the Win10. As, it plays various file formats including Windows Media format, QuickTime File format and many more. It supports the video download function apart from just streaming the videos in any format.

5. 5KPlayer

screenshot5KPlayer is the new software available for Win10 from Digiatary. This player was especially designed for the latest Win, which helps you to play 8K ultra HD movies. You don’t have to connect your device with the USB cable to stream the audio or video. Also, you can play 3D movies easily using 5KPlayer.

We have covered in depth review about this free piece of software here

6. PotPlayer

PotIt has got lots of unique and advanced features when compared with the other ones listed here. It has the hardware acceleration facility where it utilizes the less amount of hardware on your device. It has the amazing 3D playback technology which is one of the eye catching features. You have the full freedom to choose your soundtracks, bookmark the scene, and take the snapshot of the screen.

7. Plex

plexPlex is the coolest one available online for Win10 users. This is not just the player it is the separate media server. It allows you to save your videos online so later you can access them whenever you wish to browse them. It is available for free but if you are looking for pro features then you have to purchase the premium version of this software to enjoy the advanced and additional features.

8. DivX Player

divxDivX Player is the perfect software of playing audio video files for the Win10 users. This player allows you to play the high definition videos smoothly and also it supports various audio and video formats. This one gives you the best experiencing when browsing the several media formats because of its versatility.

9. SMPlayer

smpSMPlayer has got the unique feature which is available for the Win10 OS users. It has got the simple user interface and apart of just letting you play the digital files seamlessly, it also allows you to stream the videos from YouTube online. It has got lot of skins, so you can customize of the wall of interface as you like using various skins available.


This is the list of best 9 media players for windows 10, all the software mentioned in the list have different features and the strong ability to play any kind of media format using the internal codec, for Windows 10 users using 64Bit OS make sure you download that version of software to better utilize your system resources. These software’s are made for the music and movies lovers, who loves to enjoy the best viewing experience using the best available option for them.

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