FrostWire Free YouTube Dowloader | Bit Torrent Client | Media Player For Windows Review

There are many types of software that are used to download different types of files available on the internet, each software is known for its own uniqueness, its own property. What if I told you that there can be software that is available free of cost and with every type of help one requires to utilize the software to the fullest of its making. When I say the software I mean the FrostWire. FrostWire can be downloaded easily through the website The website contains all the information regarding the proper working and installation. A very simple yet efficient and interactive website has been developed to interact with the users of the application.

Frostwire Review for Windows 10 | 8.1

all in one toolThe software is capable to be utilized for searching torrent and downloading them as well like a bit torrent, other than this it can be used to view YouTube, listen songs from sound cloud, have a sneak peak at the files that are being downloaded and lastly but not the least provide you a media library with a media player as a bonus. It should be understood that all the different software’s that are variant in there functioning have been brought all in together as one.





The website provides a separate website downloading page that allows you to download the software for every device that is available in the market today majorly including the Windows, Android, Linux etc. The website has a sufficient part of it dedicated to provide the user with the information regarding the proper working of the FrostWire, like the chat section that allows us to interact with other people that use the same installation. This real time help is the best help one may get regarding any installation on his or her system. The best thing is that you get all this for no charge at all that in return helps you to gain all the information available on the internet in the form of torrent or magnet download link.

If you are curious of what torrent really is, in easier words torrent may be defined as a stamp that allows you to access the host system for gaining the information of the required set of data. The host to the required set of information required to download by a client can be multiple. A magnet link is a link that also allows you to download the pre defined data for making the link to the host.

As fascinating as it sounds that every information available on every person’s system is made available to you according to the decision made by the client and the host, but it may lead to the acquiring of harmful viruses from the host’s system if one is present. The other greater issue that may arrive is that the user may be able to provide oneself to the path of an un ethical hacker which will be injurious to all the personnel information of the client and may cause many further issues that may cause larger issues to the user. Another thing that should be kept in mind that the software makes it compulsory for the user to sign an agreement that defines clearly if any illegal torrent is downloadable by the user, the software and the developers of the software cannot be held liable for any legal issues that will be taken against the downloader which is the client and the host that is the provider of the data. It should be also kept in mind that the data that is being downloaded from the torrent is not always correct or up to the defined quality.

We will be covering about their android client in detail in another review.

Here is a comparison of FrostWire with other popular tools that charge you!


Feature comparison

Final Thought

Looks like we like FrostWire because it served many purpose and moreover the package is free of cost, so we think you don’t loose anything in trying this software

Offline installer links

Get FrostWire for Windowsany build after XP SP2

Get FrostWire for Mac

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