Best Note Taking Apps For Android 8.0, 8.1, 9, 9.1 All New 2024 List

Android smartphones are a popular machine that a common individual can acquire. The operating system evolved over the years, and it has revolutionized the generation. Millions of people communicate with friends, family, and business people using the device. The modern devices have evolved for gaming purposes, business purposes, and daily entertainment.

However, the Software Company and manufacturers did not equip the devices for business people. Business-oriented manufacturer Blackberry exists in the market for the sake of it. Notes taking default app available in every Android smartphone is not enough for advanced purposes. Samsung’s Galaxy and Note series failed to provide advanced note apps.

Which is the best Note Taking Apps?

Basic apps such as note taking apps are frequently avoided by the manufacturers and Software Company as well. Today we are going to take a look at the best note-taking apps for Android.

1. Google Keep

The search engine giant is an application developer as well, and it is a major part for developing Google’s Android. Google Keep is a premium application for Andoird smartphones, and it does not display advertisements. I have listed it on the top because it is a free version that does not has plans or advertisements. You can take notes in writing, handwriting, image, and voice memo.


2. DNotes

DNotes is not a commercial product, and I have listed it on the second spot because it does not display advertisements as well. The application strictly designed for taking notes and recording the notes. A new user will not have difficulty understanding the interface of the application. The users have an option to select multiple themes to make it look unique and appealing. You can take notes, checklists, and share them to Google Drive or SD Card.


3. Evernote

Evernote is an intuitive note capturing app for newer generation smartphones. Folks can start recording voice notes, text, media, and more. The advanced organizer assists the users to organize notes to meetings, checklists, reminders, To-Do list and more. The cross-platform integration enables the users to access the content on other platforms.


4. ColorNote

ColorNote is a fully-functional note-taking the application for professionals. Launch the app for the first time, and a quick tutorial will take though basic functions. Newbie’s don’t have to sign-up for an account to use it. However, sharing the notes to cloud-based services require a fully-functional account. New users can easily navigate to create quick notes, reminders, To-Do list, memos and more.


5. Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a Microsoft creation available on Android smartphones for free of charge. The company designed an innovative application to work on Windows eco-system. The new users can navigate through the interface to create 500 text notes and 500 image notes. The content within the app is sharable to Microsoft drive or somewhere else. I have not listed all features, so do not judge app in any sort.


6. Idea Note

Fetchnotes (Idea Note) is an innovative application in our opinion, where the developers added hashtags. The note-taking lovers can start organizing Scheduled tasks, Notes, and others to bind them in a hashtag. Newbies can start taking notes, voice notes, reminders, scheduled tasks, and encrypt notes as well. Business people can easily track a note using hashtags or colors.


7. SomNote

The SomNote concept is a private journal note taking application available for free with advertisements running. A written file added to the smartphone synchronized by SomNote and it will appear after logging into the account. The application does require the users to sign-up for a new account. The application designed to protect the users from theft and privacy invasion. All basic feature is available in the app such as taking notes, recording notes, voice memos, sharing, and more.


8. ClevNote

ClevNote signifies Clever Notes taking an application, which is a completely different product from the rest. The unique interface and features of the application take away from classic functions. ClevNote is an advanced app offering options like saving bank account information. The new users can easily share the information of the account number to others. The developers also added a grocery list feature as well and rested of the basic features such as To-Do list available on the platform.



Best note taking apps are unparallel until or unless advertisements are not running the background. We have listed with ad and without ad apps as well, and we recommend the Google Keep app. Of course, the consumers have the option to go for other vital apps as well. Let us know what do you think about Best Notes Taking apps for Android in the comment section below.

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