Best Top 3 Free Chrome Browser Extensions to Protect your Privacy | Windows 10, Mac, Linux

Though it’s the digital age, it doesn’t mean that everyone understands the technology well. The smartphones, Smart TVs, computers, laptops, and other digital assets are complex equipments. It requires the user to be equipped with basic learning to operate these gadgets.

Most of us make use of laptops/computers in our everyday life, but only few of us know that every move we make on the Internet can be tracked. Not only the ISP can look into what we are doing on the Internet, even the browsers and websites we are visiting can learn about our online activities.

Best browser extensions to protect your privacy

3 Best Chrome Browser Extensions for Protecting your Online Privacy

How to protect our online privacy while surfing on the Internet via laptop/PC? Is there are way out? Yes of course! The technology has made everything possible. There are a number of browser extensions that claims to protect your online privacy. Some of them have been listed alongside.

Free VPN Proxy by Hide.Me is a popular VPN provider that boasts to protect your online privacy and makes your Internet connection encrypted. provides a free VPN proxy browser extension to let the user connect to the web anonymously and securely. All your Internet activities will be encrypted. So, a user need not worry about the data leakage even when he/she is connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, once the user is connected, the original IP address will be replaced by a random IP address so that the real IP is not revealed to any Internet spy who is monitoring your network. This will further ensure that the user bypasses the censorships and firewall filters and access the restricted content available on the web.

Hide.Me offers a free unlimited VPN proxy. A user can use it without signing up and entering the credit card details. It also performs the load balance nicely and helps the user to connect to the nearest server available. This results in superfast and smooth connection.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is the project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation that was launched not very long ago. It is capable of blocking the objectionable activities. Instead of blocking a few sites, cookies, and activities out of the box, it creates a block list if it observes bad behavior. It is lightweight, but lenient as well. Privacy Badger offers a bit less protection until it learns things based on your behavior.

A user also gets an easy to control toolbar button which is clear about the information that is recorded about you. You can even learn if you are tracked across different sites by watching the green/yellow/red buttons on the toolbar and can toggle these options to lock the things down.

Cookie AutoDelete

It is a powerful cookie manager add-on that can do wonders. It is inspired by the extension Self Destructing Cookies and prevents the tracking by other cookies. It only adds the cookies you trust. A user can easily import and export the cookies from the Cookie Whitelist. When you close the browser tabs, any cookie that is not in use is automatically deleted.

Moreover, the user can clear all the cookies for a single domain. It even supports the Manual Mode Cleaning from the popup. The user can also monitor the number of cookies for a website. Ensure that you have enabled the ‘Auto-Clean’ option to delete the cookies automatically.

The sites can be added to the Whitelist (permanently) or to the GreyList (till the browser restarts). The ‘Cleanup Notifications’ can be deleted from the ‘Settings’ option. One of the weakest things about this extension is that it cannot clear the ‘Local Storage’ of the browser. Apart from this, it works fabulously fine.

The Bottom Line

So, if you are worried about your online privacy, the above three extensions can help you out in preserving your privacy across the Internet. You can install all these extensions and see the magic. Your private data and browsing data will be totally secured after you have these three extensions installed on your browser. No website, your ISP, Internet spy, or a hacker will be able to track your online activities after you are done with the installation of these extensions. Go for them!

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