Best Free VPN for Microsoft Surface Pro And Laptops | Windows 10 Pro or S Version

Virtual Private Network, popularly abbreviated as VPN is an online service which encrypts the user data and unblocks the geo-restricted websites. There are hundreds of VPN providers available across the Internet, but not all are trustworthy. If you are looking to secure your online privacy on your Microsoft Surface device, you surely need to go with a reliable Virtual Private Network provider. Finding a trustworthy VPN provider on the Internet effortlessly is a big hassle. This is why we bring you the list of some of the best free VPN providers for your Microsoft Surface.

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Windscribe is a popular Virtual Private Network provider that ensures that the online privacy of a user is maintained even if the user is using its free plan. It encrypts your browsing activity, blocks the ads, and unblocks the geo-restricted content. Though you can use it without signing in, you get 10GB monthly data transfer limit if you confirm your email address.

The best thing about Windscribe is that you get unlimited connections and access to servers in 10 nations while using its free plan. Your Internet connection stays encrypted with Windscribe even when you have connected your Microsoft Surface laptop with a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The automatic kill switch technology terminates all your current sessions if the connection is lost.

It uses DNS Leak Protection technology to ensure that your ISP is unable to track your current browsing sessions. However, it claims to be a logless Virtual Private Network, but it fails to keep its promise. It is found that Windscribe stores the user logs for 3 minutes. Apart from Windows, it also offers VPN for other platforms along with a Chrome extension. Going with Windscribe can be a good choice if you are not worried about the logs.


  • 10GB monthly data transfer with free plan.
  • Google Chrome extension available.
  • Unlimited connections supported.
  • You can access servers in 10 countries.


  • It is not a logless VPN keeps log for 3 minutes during your session and after that its deleted.
  • No Live chat option.


If you are looking for a VPN that is reliable and have a strict ‘No-Logs’ policy is best for you. It claims to be the fastest VPN provider on this planet. It offers a free web proxy service along with a free proxy extension for Google Chrome. It uses stout encryption standards to encrypt your data and preserve your online privacy. free plan comes with 2GB free data transfer per month, limited protocol support, 1 connection, and lifetime support. Unlike most of the free VPNs, offers Live Chat supports to its users. It is available for multiple platforms apart from Windows. Moreover, it makes use of different VPN protocols including L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, IPsec (IKEv1 & IKEv2), SSTP, and SoftEther.

However, the free plan is restricted to only 3 locations (Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore). This means that the user cannot unblock the content across the world. The limited protocol support in its free lifetime plan is a thing to worry. Apart from all this, still finds its way in people’s heart.


  • One-click VPN Setup.
  • Free web proxy and Chrome Extension.
  • Live Support.


  • Port forwarding option is not available.
  • Only few VPN protocols can be accessed.
  • Servers from just 3 locations can be accessed.


ZoogVPN is another popular VPN provider offering complete online freedom to the users connected to its servers. Unblock the streaming services and access restricted online content from just anywhere anytime using ZoogVPN. All its servers are cherry-picked and triggered to deliver optimal performance.

ZoogVPN is comparatively faster than other free VPNs when it comes to streaming of online media. The free lifetime plan offers 2GB monthly data transfer and access to 3 locations. Access to fewer locations means limited content access. It uses the best encryption standards to safeguard your online privacy.


  • Logless VPN.
  • Some P2P is allowed.


  • No Live chat.
  • Bandwidth restrictions at times of high traffic.

The End Note

If you own a Microsoft Surface Pro or their laptop version of device and want to enjoy complete Internet freedom, going for a VPN should be your first choice. You can try out these free VPN services and then decide to go premium if you have find then useful.

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