Hideman VPN Experience | Full Review

Blocking certain category of websites is trending in many parts of the world and yes in our country also particular type of online website and service was blocked for certain time. We were just clueless on how to gain access to those blocked service? After searching for a while we came to know of VPN that can practically unblock anything.

So what is VPN?

Here is quick glimpse, VPN or Virtual Private Network send and receive your data through highly encrypted servers that are located in different parts of world.

Choosing a VPN service provider was tough as there are as many with wide range of features, but our top priority was for logless, unlimited speed and bandwidth, encryption,p2p support.

Did we find the one with all those features?

Yes, Hideman VPN check out why we selected it in the review below

Hideman VPN experience | review

Hideman_VPN_Splash_Banner-630x307The very first thing we liked was about their free trail. Yes that’s right you can get their service free for 4 hours per week with access to all their dedicated client software for Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone. Many other VPN providers just don’t offer free trails and if they are offering such a bait you will only have access for just 24 hours and you will be asked to switch to premium after this period. So Hideman is giving enough time for you to evaluate their service before you switch to them.

Encryption protocols available

Unlike others who use 128bit encryption this one uses advanced 256bit encryption with support for the following protocols

  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • PPTP

Logging policy

A VPN will be waste of money if they are keeping track of everything that you do online but luckily Hideman just don’t keep any of your browsing data, but in the free trial period your browsing data will be kept for 14 days with RSA 2048 encryption which will deleted after every 14 days.

Servers country location

Looks they offer you 22 virtual location with the possibility of unlimited switching and you can see the load, up-time in days on particular server in any country. So what’s the use of it? Simple lesser load better speed.

  • Germany :Duesseldorf, Frankfurt
  • United Kingdom :Coventry, Maidenhead
  • Netherlands :Amsterdam
  • Russia :Moscow, Saint Peters burg
  • Canada :Montreal,Toronto
  • United States :Miami, New York
  • Singapore
  • Ukraine :Kharkov
  • Panama
  • France :Paris, Roubaix
  • Luxembourg
  • Sweden :Stockholm
  • Hong Kong
  • Moldova :Kishinev
  • Poland :Gdansk
  • Turkey :Istanbul
  • Malaysia :Kuala Lumpur
  • Italy :Rome
  • Austria :Vienna
  • Switzerland :Zurich
  • Romania :Bucharest
  • Lithuania :Vilnius

Torrent and P2P support

Yes it’s supported when we choose these country in the client or software

  • Singapore
  • Ukraine
  • Panama
  • Luxembourg
  • Hong Kong
  • Moldova
  • Turkey
  • Romania
  • Lithuania

Speed and bandwidth

Seems like you are given full freedom as there are no limits for bandwidth for premium/paid users. We would also like to let you know that when we were connected via this VPN we didn’t experience any lag or less speed that our ISP is providing us.

Support offered

They have wide range of support options like

  • Live chat, that can solve your problems instantly or can give assistance to you very quickly.
  • Skype, it is more of like live chat
  • Email tickets system if you are having serious issues or the ones that need future follow-ups
  • Jabber one not used by many

Simultaneous device connection offered

You can connect 3 devices simultaneously

Plans offered

They have got two sets of plans according to simultaneous connection you need and how long you need the service


Free and premium plans available


It’s just straight forward all you have to do is sign up for the service make the payment with any one of method

  • PayPal
  • CreditCard
  • SMS
  • Liberty Reserve
  • Google Wallet
  • CashU
  • OkPay
  • LiqPay
  • Qiwi
  • RBK.Money
  • Yandex.Money

Recommended method is Bitcoin with which you can completely stay anonymous right from the sign up process.


windows client

Windows client

We are happy to see that they are having dedicated software and app for Windows, Mac,iPhone and android respectively. Download the clients to your respective device and start your private online life with a single click.


They don’t seem to offer auto kill switch while your connection fails because of bad weather etc

Final thought

Hideman VPN seems to offer reliable service without compromising on speed nor security.

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