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The world has switched to mobile apps quickly. If you own an online store and also have the store running offline, but don’t have a mobile app, you are losing customers. The world is moving faster than your imagination. You need to keep pace with the current trends and get ready for the future. You need to have an app for your pawn shop to allow your customers interact with the store directly from mobile.

Yes, you heard it right! MobilePawn application lets your customers do shopping directly from their mobile. You can send them coupons and notifications if you are using Bravo Pawn Store system. The application currently supports the pawn renewals, extensions and payments on layaways. Let’s explore the MobilePawn app in details.

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Uplift your Customer Service with MobilePawn

Your customers can now interact with your pawn shop using this smartphone application. This gives an extra boost to the sales.

  • Display Store Inventory: You can list down the entire inventory in your store on this application and make it visible to your perspective customers 24×7.

  • Pawn Transactions: Your customers can see all their pawn and layaway transactions.
  • Show History: The application for both android and iOS provides you with a user-friendly interface. You can let your users check the loan balances, layaway balances and history of their transactions. You can even send them the reminders when the payments are due.

  • Interact: It lets you interact with the customers through a virtual counter.
  • Receive Payments: The customers can make the loan payments and layaway payments directly through this mobile application.

So, these are some of the major benefits you get once you configure your store with MobilePawn application. The application is available for both iOS and Android devices.

One of the greatest things about mobile pawn app is that it is not only convenient for the customers, but it also creates efficiencies for you. You can see immediate impact on your business after getting this app. Some of the benefits you receive includes:

  • It increases the loan redemption rate and layaway pickup rate.
  • The in-store call volume for balance information decreases as the customers can view their balances directly from the app.
  • You can send the coupons, notifications and offers to the customers directly.

  • You can market this app to your customers as an added value and competitive differentiator.
  • You can now receive the payments online and get them deposited automatically into your account. It’s that easy with MobilePawn app.

  • The customer can choose to extend the pawn days directly from the app and you will be notified for the same. The inventory gets updated automatically.

The Bottom Line

The MobilePawn app is the true blessing for pawn store owners. It provides them with number of benefits. They can manage their inventory, receive online payments, send online offers and notifications, free up the store managers for other productive tasks and reduce the volume of customers coming to store as everything is made easy through mobile app. If you are the pawn store owner using Bravo Pawn Systems, you should give this application a try.

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