Want to Become a Freelance Writer? Here’s What to Prepare

If you have an aptitude for writing and can vouch for your punctuation and grammatical skills, then you’ve probably thought of how you can turn your talent into a lucrative career. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Becoming a freelance writer sounds easy in theory, but does come with its own set of challenges – especially since many quality writers are leveraging the power of the digital realm to make a living. You want to stand out and come prepared. On that note, read on to learn what to prepare to get started as a successful freelance writer.

Extensive Knowledge

First things first, you need to learn all you can about content writing. Although you don’t need a degree and can start from scratch, you will want to learn how to produce quality work. After all, as with any job, you need to be good to get paid. You can take the time to enroll in an online writing course, apply for an internship, or get pointers from other freelance writers.

Educational Skills

As you research the ins and outs of this type of business, it’s a good time to also equip yourself with educational skills that will help you advance in your ideal career. Since you’ll be working remotely, you might want to work on your organizational skills, set up a home office, and learn about the latest technology to help you write efficiently online.


No freelance writer can achieve success without a quality laptop and speedy internet connection. There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding the right laptop as this guide explains. You’ll need easy-to-use features so that getting to work on the device won’t bring about its own hassles such as slow and unreliable performance. It’s best to compare the latest laptops, so you can gauge how efficient they will be for writers.


They always say success is 50% technique and 50% passion. Just as you spend hours perfecting your literacy skills, you should be working on your confidence. The drive to succeed is typically what achieves the goal. You will need to learn how to promote your work, seek out jobs, and make a good impression in person and online depending on where you’ll be job hunting. Look for ways to showcase your work online to attract clients as well as searching for online jobs that might give you some extra cash to stay afloat. Understand that the money might not be great in the beginning, but don’t get discouraged. The more you put yourself out there, the more chances you have of making a living this way.

In this digital era, there are so many applicants for freelance writing jobs which is why you can’t sit back and hope to be discovered. As mentioned above confidence and perseverance play a huge factor in determining success. Don’t allow fear of rejection to deter you from applying for a job or sending in a sample of your work to a potential employer or client. The more risks you take, the more insight you’ll gain into what it takes to become a fantastic writer.

Marketing Strategies

Every business usually puts their own spin on marketing to gain traction, so take a look at effective ways freelancers can market their work like bloggers. If you don’t want to take odd jobs from employers and would like to instead create a platform to showcase your work, you’ll want to learn how to popularize your platform and generate revenue. This is a good time to look into ways to support your work; one common way writers make a living and boost their reach and engagement with followers is affiliate links, which financially supports their platform. You might encounter clients who want you to provide content writing for images, so you might want to gain some minor knowledge in graphic design to put your text into picture; you can use free applications like Canva. Moreover, using designs to promote your work might be the effective strategy you need to get noticed online.

As mentioned above, you won’t make a ton of money right off the bat, but you shouldn’t get discouraged. Set realistic goals to ensure you find ways to make a decent living to pay for your expenses. Allow yourself plenty of time to learn and adapt as you go along to perfect your skills. Listen to feedback and take notes. The more effort and persistence you put into your work, the more you’ll progress. When the work is good enough, it will attract clients. So, keep up the good work!

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