How to Choose the Best Inventory Management Software for Magento?

Inventory management is all about keeping track of stuff in the warehouse. Some companies handle raw materials; others sell finished products. Good management keeps things safe, saves space, saves money, and helps the company make more profit later on.
The inventory management extension is a tool that will help make inventory management in the store more efficient. We advise you to pay attention to this Magento inventory management software by Mirasvit.

Why is managing inventory important for a business?

It makes sure there are enough goods available. Inventory management helps companies keep just the right amount of items in stock to always meet customer demand.

Minimization of deficit and overspending. By forecasting and planning well, a business can prevent shortages or unsold goods, cutting losses.

Cost optimization. Good inventory management lowers holding costs while meeting demand.

Boosting customer satisfaction. Having stock available and processing orders quickly keeps customers happy and loyal.

Process optimization. Inventory management streamlines processes like supplier management and order fulfillment, making the company run smoother.

What can you expect in the absence of inventory management?

Shortage of goods. When essential products run out during high demand, sales and customer satisfaction suffer.

Excess inventory. Having too many items in stock leads to losses from high storage costs and decreased value due to items becoming outdated.

Losses from overdue goods. Items sitting in inventory for too long can become outdated, causing a loss in revenue.

Operational costs rise without effective inventory management, leading to increased expenses for order processing, warehouse management, and other operations.

Predicting demand becomes difficult when a business lacks sufficient information, resulting in unsatisfied customer needs and lost sales.

Select the best inventory management tool

Consider these factors:

Compatibility. Ensure the software works well with your version of Magento without any issues.

Inventory management. Look for software that efficiently handles inventory across multiple warehouses. Stock update. It is essential that the software automatically updates inventory levels in real time.

Ease of use. Choose software with a simple interface to avoid management problems.

Fast scanning and tracking. Choose software that helps you quickly track items using barcodes or RFID.

Reporting and analytics. Access to reports and analytics is vital for making informed decisions.

Purchase order management. Choose software that lets you manage orders with suppliers.

Demand forecasting. Look for software that helps predict the quantity of items you need.

Scalability. Choose software that can quickly scale as your business grows.

Support and training. It is essential to have access to support and training materials to use the software effectively.

Price. Compare the prices of different software before buying.

User feedback. Check out other users’ reviews to learn what they think about the software.

Inventory Planner

This Magento extension figures out when and how many items to restock and finds overstocks for you. No manual configuration or calculations needed.

Mirasvit’s system forecasts automatically. Save money, space, and time. The Inventory Planner for Magento calculates forecasts to boost profits and use warehouse space wisely.

Remember: Buy enough goods to avoid excess stock. This maximizes profits and space use. Poor inventory management wastes money and time.

The main capabilities of the module:

  • Automatic determination of necessary stocks.
  • Identification of excess goods.
  • Quick start without the need for manual adjustment.
  • Quickly obtain insights about stocks, regardless of their volume.
  • Saving money, space, and time with automatic forecasts.
  • Ability to confidently plan stock replenishment.
  • Support decisions regarding optimal volumes of stocks.
  • Full integration with Magento without the need for manual data entry.
  • Provide detailed information on stocks, surpluses, and other parameters.
  • Quick access to forecasts and analytics for effective inventory management.


1. How is modern inventory management software different from other supply chain software?

Unlike general supply chain software, modern inventory management software focuses on forecasting and replenishment. It helps balance inventory levels with demand and suggests safety stocks along the distribution chain. Advanced versions use complex algorithms to optimize inventory across the supply chain, reducing costs without significant structural changes.

2. What distinguishes inventory management from warehouse inventory management?

Warehouse inventory management, primarily handled by Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), focuses on optimizing inventory within a warehouse. It oversees the warehouse’s movement, storage, and tracking of goods. Conversely, inventory management software takes a broader approach, optimizing inventory planning across multiple locations in the supply chain.

3. What challenges might my company encounter when implementing inventory management software?

Implementing inventory management software involves addressing integration, data quality, and training. Integration with existing systems can be costly, and merging separate inventory and demand planning departments requires collaboration. Legacy data may need reformatting, and users may require training in inventory management methodologies before effectively using the software.


Inventory management is vital for business efficiency and profitability, ensuring the right amount of goods, avoiding excess, and using warehouse space optimally.

An inventory management extension like Mirasvit’s for Magento automates planning and optimizes inventory, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Inadequate inventory management can lead to problems like product shortages, overstocking, and losses from expired products.

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