Exness bonus promotion – 10% net deposit

With a huge influx of people in the Forex trading market over the past few years, the broker market has gone very competitive and is trying its best to get more customers and attract people who aren’t even trading yet in the Forex market. This has proven very beneficial for the growth of Forex trading and the customers as well.

This article is specifically directed at the Exness bonus program and everything there is to know about it.

Exness Bonus 

Exness bonus program is a deposit-based bonus program and is a pretty standard Forex broker bonus offer. It means that Exness is offering its new users a ten percent bonus on the amount they deposit into their accounts.

This sign-up-based trading program is based on the net deposit, and the net deposit is the number of funds deposited in the trading accounts and its difference from the funds withdrawn from the trading account.

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After opening an account, traders will select currency pairs and add funds into their accounts to trade. The bonus offers them a prize or a reward from the broker for selecting them.

The highlighting features of the Exness bonus are discussed below


The Exness bonus is open to all new traders who choose to trade with Exness, and they can open the account from anywhere, register themselves and get this bonus.

However, residents of some countries will not be able to get this bonus based on the regulatory laws of their government.

Exness has nothing to do with it, and it is because of the resident’s location.

Exclusive to new users

The bonus program is only available for new users. If you have any account registered with Exness, you will not be able to receive this bonus


The procedure is pretty simple and can be broken down into few simple steps

  • Open an Exness account
  • Provide essential information
  • Verify your account
  • Deposit funds
  • Apply for bonus

The bonus will be calculated automatically after you trade and will be added in a few hours.

Scam Free

Many scams are being run in the name of Forex bonus programs, so it is necessary to perform a background check on the broker before you decide to trade with them. Exness is a regulated broker in Cyprus, and many authorities like FCA keep a watch on it. So it is highly unlikely that Exness will try to run a scam bonus program to lose its license. 

The regulatory authorities require the brokers to be clear and straightforward in their offers.


The appeal of Exness bonus programs among new users is very high because of the other features that Exness offers.

The minimum deposit is the Exness deposit limit on the new accounts that people make on Exness. You can start with ten dollars, and the bonus program even offers you a ten percent bonus on the net deposition top of it, so it is very intriguing for new customers

A wide range of commodities that Exness offers (107) are also worth mentioning because if you continue to trade with Exness, you will have all the options available to yourself

Tighter spreads are another reason for choosing the Exness bonus program. New users who choose to make an account using the Exness bonus will have the same spreads that new standard users get.

You’re not settling by trading with Exness

Even if it seems like a less premium bonus offering broker to you, that is not the case. Exness is a highly reputable broker and offers a premium account with more features for the users

Withdraw options

The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn and can only be claimed after trading on the net deposit amount


Exness claims zero percent commission on the profit you make on your trades, and it is uniform through its accounts. Bonus claiming users also don’t have to give any commission to the broker.

Demo account support

Exness does offer demo account support on the MT5 platform, but it cannot be used with the bonus program, and it is the market standard. You cannot claim a bonus on demo trading accounts for most of the brokers

You have to deposit real money and trade to claim your bonus

Some brokers do offer bonuses on demo accounts

Islamic account support

New users who choose to sign-up for the interest-free Islamic account can also avail of the bonus offer


  • Low trading fees
  • Comprehensive and competitive trading conditions despite lack of further rewards
  • Trading and broker bonus for loyal customers and active traders
  • Sign-up bonus available
  • Regulated and scam free broker


  • Traders in certain countries cannot apply for the bonus due to some regulatory restrictions
  • Referral bonus is not available for existing or new customers
  • Welcome bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, and no other broker bonuses offered with first time sign up

Pro tip

If you know a lot about Forex trading and are already trading with another broker like AVA traders, you shouldn’t consider making an account and trading with Exness.

If you are someone who is just starting the Forex business, you should go for the Exness bonus program

Frequently asked questions

Does Exness offer a trading bonus to its users?

New clients at Exness can easily access different types of starting bonuses. To do so, a trader must open an account and select a deposit type.

Does Exness offer a sign-up bonus?

Yes. Exness does offer a sign-up bonus.

Is there are a referral bonus available on Exness?

No, currently, Exness does not offer any referral bonus program

Is Exness one of the best brokers to trade with?

It is one of the top brokers with minimum deposit rates and bonus programs

Can I avail bonus on any account?

Yes, Exness offers four types of accounts, and you can avail the bonus on any one of them


The Exness broker is one of the top brokers offering all the basic features to the users being a regulated broker. The bonus program should not be a deal-breaker or a deal maker for your decision, though. It would help if you based your decision on the features you would need. The Exness bonus is pretty market standard, but some brokers offer a lot higher bonus percentages.

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