TrapWorld An Addictive, Fun And Free Game For Android

We all are the tech addicts who always love to play the games on our smartphones. We are just interested in them for a few days or maybe a few hours, right and again search for a new one to kill time. There are thousands of android games out in the market, but only a few attract our hands and make us play. OK, now we have one more new one in the stand and below is the complete overview of the “Trap World”.

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What is TrapWorld?

Trap world is a latest addition in market and is available for all the recent versions and popular versions of Android. The game is all about a bird “Baros (Name of the bird)”. If the bird reaches its goal after having a lot of adventurous and number of levels, then the game is said to be completed.

Features of TrapWorld :

Well, I know you are here because you are a lover of challenging and funny games and here are the features which make you click on the app to install it in your device.

• This package is completely mixed with fun and challenge, and many of the recent ones in the android market failed to do so.
• Challenging Levels: It is to reach the goal of the bird, and the way is of different levels. The basic levels are not that much tough, and you can easily complete them in a single time play. The difficulty of this one increases along with the level. The higher levels of the game, test your playing skills and the flying skills of the bird. There are 30 different challenging levels to be completed.

Unique Worlds: There are three different places covered in this one.

World 1: It is up to 10 levels i.e. 1-10 levels. This world is filled with the green pine plains.
World 2: The plains changes into the underground tunnel and the birds fly up to 20th level in this world.
World 3: It’s the final world which was a desert, and this is up to the final level.

Every level has its importance, challenges, and difficulty. Each world gives you a different feel as the look was completely different. Game sounds can be changed automatically with the change in the world.

Offline and online: This is one of the best parts of TrapWorld as you can play the it without wifi and data connection. You can also play it with your buddies and other too with a leader board.
Beat the best again and again: TrapWorld by default stores the personal time of the each level. If you are completely unsatisfied with your play you have a chance to replay it and to make somewhat better than the previous one.
• You can play it in any mode (airplane plane mode too). As like other games you can pause it and play it with and without volume too.
• One more thing, you had a chance to submit your times through the “new submit” button before the end of the game.

How to play the game:

First of all, you need the install the app in a usual manner from the Google play store. The game is linked to the Google play games. OK by now you have installed the app and ready for the play.

• The game asks you some permission about your mail, and you need to allow it. After allowing it, you are welcomed with a homepage to play the game, or you can select the “show leader boards” here.

the board• After clicking on the play, green pine, plain levels of the game are displayed. Just click on the level to head on to the game.

levels screenshot• The level of the game is of 2 minutes as you can check the time. The shortcuts of the game are clearly pointed on the screen. Below is the clear view of the above text.

intro• Just click on the pause and you can choose different options now, Such as replay, levels and you can exit too. It is similar to all the levels.


No need to say more about the TrapWorld. The features sections of the review say it’s completely worth to try it. If you are the one searching for the new challenging and fun games you better go with this. Finally, it’s completely worth to have it on your device.

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