Interactive Voice Response Benefits You Should Know

When customers interact with your business, they want to feel that they are being heard. Their problems have to be resolved effortlessly and quickly. As a result, several companies adopted technologies like modern IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) so they can respond to queries from customers at any point of day or night. And this is done automatically.

Using IVR gives access to several interesting advantages as it can respond to inquiries faster than ever before. Also, IVR is used for promotions, polls, payments, brand awareness, surveys, and more. Businesses should seriously consider it because of numerous benefits, including the following.

Better Customer Satisfaction

Calls are automatically routed to the appropriate agent. This means customer support is better due to higher efficiency. With the use of smart speech-driven menus, IVR systems route callers to qualified agents. As a result, it is very easy to use voice response systems for bill notifications, table reservations, appointment reminders, retail orders, and more.

Time Savings

These days, customers demand speed. We see a constant increase in customer preference for self-service automation and increased independence. Basically, customers want to have their questions answered fast. This includes when they need product information.

IVR systems can include custom-built menus. This makes it very easy to expedite incoming calls, schedule call backs, and accurately route callers. The caller is enabled to quickly respond to the available options through a touchpad or by voice. As a result, the desired information is received faster and calls do not go unanswered.

Lower Costs

Businesses always look for ways to reduce costs and IVR is capable of doing exactly this. When compared to using live chat, IVR only sums up to a cost of $1 per person serviced as opposed to $5 per contact. With telephone-based systems, the price is around $8 per contract. Businesses can end up saving a lot more than initially imagined with the use of interactive voice responses. You can basically save on associated personnel costs and gain increased productivity.

Higher Lead Conversion

Interactive voice response was originally used as a modern customer service tool. However, it is also now being used as a sales channel that is capable of replacing or at least supporting telemarketing. Because IVR easily automates the reaching out process, it becomes easier to support lead conversion and pre-qualify interest. The responder answers simple questions. Then, the qualified and interested prospects are routed to live sales agents.

Improved Brand-Customer Relationship

Successful IVR implementation relies on customization. This is because interactive voice response systems are the first contact point with company clients. As prompts and phone menus are customized, the business creates higher engagement. Business is mapped logically to a natural journey for the customer. You can dynamically create greetings, include A/B testing, and iterate changes in the phone tree. Basically, the IVR experience of the customer becomes suitable and comparable with all other brand interactions.

At the end of the day, IVR is very beneficial for any business that wants to increase sales and save money as it is dealing with customer requests.

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