FIX DSMCSVC High CPU Usage Problem | Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Microsoft has developed so many functions and added to the latest version of the Windows. There is no doubt that the Windows OS is one of the best ones in the market today for PC and Laptops.

But, are you having high CPU usage problem? Are you receiving error DSMCSVC?

Then we are going to show you the right way to fix the problem.

What is DSMCSVC?

Before we begin showing you the working methods, it is important for you to learn about the error. Learning about it will help you understand your problem, and you can identify it as well.

We would like to tell you that IBM sold their company to Lenovo in 2006. Dsmcsvc.exe is a file type that developed by the IBM, and it is known as IBM Tivoli Storage Manager designed for Windows OS. Currently, the driver updated for Windows XP, and you can find this driver in other Windows OS versions as well.

We don’t know if this driver is safe or not, but Microsoft did add it to their older version of Windows.

Why do I have DMCSVC Errors?

Unfortunately, an EXE file is an executable file that can disguise itself and plant Malware, Adware, and Trojans to your Windows PC. These EXE files have names like DMCSVC.exe, and they replace the original files of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

Once the original files of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager removed, then you will begin to get ERRORS because the required files are missing.

The Windows experts always recommend you have an active Antivirus and scan every file before you start using it.

How to fix DMCSVC Error?

Make sure to read the last part because it is the core reason why you have this error on your screen in the first place.

Let us show you few ways to solve it. There are six ways to solve the problem, and anyone can do it if they have beginners knowledge.

#1 – Antivirus

The first thing you have to do is to scan the whole PC for the virus, malware, and adware.

Run a full scan and remove all detected virus.

#2 – Cleaning

The second part is to download a software that we are using since 2012. The software name is CCLEANER and install it.

One: Install the CCleaner on your PC.

Two: Check all items in the list. Remember, you can leave your browser aside. It’s not necessary for you to clean your browser JUNK Files. Also, click on applications tab and check every option.

Three: Leave WIPE FREE SPACE in the bottom.

Four: Directly clean it by clicking on it.

Five: Click on the Registry and start cleaning the registry as well.

You are half-way through, and the next step will make sure to fix the problem.

#3 – Update

The final step is to update the drivers.

The easiest way replace the existing files by updating. The Windows update can help you in this case, and it will delete the existing files one-by-one and replaces it with new files.

The problem should solve by updating it, but it is very difficult for the Windows update to find ideal drivers. So, you may have to depend on the third-party software.

Unfortunately, you have to identify the program that associated with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and uninstall it.

Learn more [ ]

Final FIX – Let Windows FIX the Problem for You

We have shown you few ways to fix it, but let us show you how you can use Windows to get it fixed.

One: Go to the search bar and open CMD in “Run as administrator.”

Two: Now, you have to copy and paste this into your command prompt tab “sfc /scannow” and do not worry, your PC will not be at risk.

Three: Once you paste it, hit enter. The process will begin in a moment, and then you can see the progress.

The Windows will test all protected files, and when there is a corrupted & damaged file found, then it fixes it.

Wait for a while and do not close the command prompt because this process doesn’t harm your PC, but do not close it mid-way.


In case, none of the options works for you; then you better go for a clean Windows Install. We have shown few ways you can give it a shot to solve the problem. Let us know if your problem solved in the comment section below.

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