All In One Toolbox (Cleaner) Best App To Increase Android Performance

There are many applications in the android market that are utilized to generate great deals of outcome regarding the processing of junk data files, boosting of the booting speed, and a RAM (Random Access Memory) Cleaner. There are also many applications present in the Google Play Store that support each of the above defined criteria, but there are a very less amount of application that withstand to keep a track of both of the above defined applications and more, the All In One Toolbox is the best application that is loaded with a mobile junk cleaner a speed booster and much more to provide you an interface that easily helps you provide the best performance by you phone to yourself.

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All-In-One Toolbox Android App Review | Speed up Android phone

AIOThe application is also has a pro version available which does not have worth less advertisements in it, the pro version is available for a small price of approximately $4 which enables you to have an interface which is advertisement free and displays you only the relevant information that is required for you to optimize your mobile phone. It should be kept in mind that the payment of $4 is a onetime payment which entitles you to use this application on your mobile phone for a lifetime. Though the pro version should be downloaded with the free version of the app as the pro version link only provides you with the key manager and can be later used to generate a key that will provide you an advertisement free access to the AIO (All in One) Toolbox application.

The application which is free of cost suffices the requirement, though the only thing that should be kept in mind that the advertisements that appear between the actual interfaces of the advertisements should not be selected otherwise it will lead you outside of the original application that you want to deal with. The software comes with its own set of shortcuts that you may require on your home screen to provide you with the direct access to the applications processes and reduce the time being utilized accessing the same. It should be kept in mind that it is not a compulsory thing to do the user may use the application the traditional way by opening it through the menu option.


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The first screen of the software displays you the statistics of your mobile phone which include the ROM (Read Only Memory), RAM, and the SD Card usage, the statistics are displayed in percentage and as well as numeric form for the clarity of the user. Just below these statistics are the three different options being provided by the application first is the clean option the second is the boost option and last but not the least the third is the toolbox option. The clean option provides you with a detailed analysis of the amount of memory being utilized by device in different areas and an option to clear that utilized place. You may or may not select a specific area to clean its contents, the advance tab of the clean option contain the information regarding all the logs that are kept by the different applications on the device for example the call logs, that consume not much but yes a little of the memory of the device. The second option which is the boost option is basically the speed booster module it enlist the application that are currently in the running state of their life cycle and allow you to terminate the application. The last option of the application is the toolbox which is a collection of the different software’s that are present for the optimal use of the application. It should be noted that this module of the software is just a secondary interface of the already available option in your android though the general public are unaware of them.

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To sum it all up the all in one toolbox is an application that provides you with an interface that will help you increase the performance of your phone hence increasing your productivity throughout your day. The reviews that are provided to this application are all positive and define this app as one of the best app available for the enhanced working of the Android device.

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