TouchRetouch Android App An Easy To Use Photography Edit Tool

TouchRetouch is an app used to remove unwanted content from photos instantly. This application is the second most paid application in the photography category.

The sample images shown in the play store are pretty simplistic; maybe that is what it is for since it operates on mobile phones. If you notice in the play store, even the most complex images have the same pattern on the right and the left side of the object that has to be removed.

Although if you check out the reviews of TouchRetouch, you will find people speaking highly of it. So, let’s check it out and see if it’s worth it. The upcoming update of TouchRetouch is supposed to much more efficient, effective and elegant to use. The beta version of the app is now available on the play store, that too for just $1.99 while the new version will cost $3.99. So the users have chance to test the beta version and find out if TouchRetouch works for them or not.


After you download TouchRetouch 

After you download the touch retouch application, you will get a simplistic tutorial to understand the basics of this application. Then you find the new features in the latest version (currently, version 5.0.5 is the latest one). Some of these features are

  • They have fixed the bug causing the Go button to disappear while zooming in on an area.
  • They have fixed an issue that was freezing the main toolbar after navigating to the gallery screen and back
  • Improved the grey halo effect appearing when retouching near edges in 360.

After you give access to this app to go through your photos, you can select the photo you need to work on.

Choosing an easy picture

You can pinch and zoom in the picture to the part you want to work on. While you select the part on which you need to work, you will find the magnification of that part in the top left to help you select it properly. Since you can not see under your finger, magnification is of great help. 

If you have some unwanted part in the picture, you have to select the object removal and the part you want to remove from the brush. After selecting the part, you will find that the object is removed. After removing the unwanted part, select the quick repair and use the brush to repair the picture. 

Choosing a complex picture

When we choose a little bit of a complex picture that is larger, shadows and more objects, we find that the output of the image is not perfect. It will remove the unwanted part from the picture, but if you are familiar with photoshop like the Clone Stamp tool, you can see that it repeats a bunch of the same patterns. It also did not do the greatest job at blending. 

So, if you are working on easy pictures, this might be the right software for you, but if you’re looking for some professional work, it might not be your cup of tea. 

Although, for phones, this software is very fast, and the processing time of this application is pretty incredible. So, if you want to remove just a few easy errors in your pictures like a line, or a cylindrical shape, it will be very easy for you. 

There is also a clone stamp tool, which copies one part of the image to another part of the image. This feature, the clone stamp tool, works pretty good and does not have any flaws.

Export options

You get options like save as copy, modify original, and open in and clipboard in the export options. You can even change the format and the size of the image, which is pretty cool.

Here is a quick video


You can go to play store and you the beta version to find out if this app fulfill your needs. Because of the beta version, you can get the app for just $1.99 for now.

So, we can say that TouchRetouch is an excellent application for your mobile because with minimum efforts you can fix the photo if you are not having a Google Pixel mobile.

TouchRetouch Android App An Easy To Use Photography Edit Tool

You can quickly remove unwanted content from your photos. Also you can remove photo bombers and other objects just by tapping on the picture.

Price: 1.99

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Photography

Editor's Rating:

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