5 Essential Slot Games at the Movies

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Everybody likes a slot game on a movie theme. It creates something exciting and new through the familiar. It’s almost like you’re taking part in the franchise or watching an extension of it. Movie-themed slots are amongst some of the most popular online slot games today for a variety of reasons and some of the best reviewed because of the association.


“Are you not entertained?” bellowed Russell Crowe to a gleeful audience in the arena at one of his first fights. The answer from the crowd on this game is a resounding “yes”. Considered one of the best movie-themed slots, Gladiator recreates the characters and sounds from the film. It has 50 pay lines, uses the coliseum as the scatter and the famous movie’s gladiator helmet as the wild card. Relive all the fun of the action movie with this slick, well-developed, attractive and exciting slot game.


This highly rated game based on the long-term horror franchise continues to wow players. It’s a video slot with 50 pay lines and 5 reels. But it isn’t just about the famous film series with Donald Pleasance and Jamie Lee Curtis. It imparts some of the traditions of the actual Halloween with a Trick or Treat Wheel bonus and a “Boogeyman Bonus”. Both of this can lead to cash prizes or free extra spins, and even stake multipliers. The symbols include icons of the film including knives and masks, guns and scary clown masks in its icons.

Jurassic World

The new movie series launched to much fanfare and a renewed interest in dinosaur action movies. The franchise has also provided great inspiration to one of the best-rated slot games online. This 5-reel game with over 240 ways to win, making it one of the most exciting prospects right now. Featuring multiple locations from the film, a random “Indominus” feature that can boost your wins, this is an official fully-licensed game that has been created with love and care.

Planet of the Apes

One of the world’s most successful movie franchises, the original Planet of the Apes ended in the 1970s. But when a prequel series began in the last decade, interest was renewed once more. Planet of the Apes takes elements from the classic and the modern series. The technical wizardry of the films translates into an attractive and smooth design, recreating some of the loved characters. There is a distinct lack of progressive jackpot, but it more than makes up for it with far more pay lines than other games.

Terminator 2

Arguably the film that broke the rule of sequels not being as good as the originals. Terminator 2: Judgement day was released in the early 90s. The video slot is highly respectful of this classic film, including featured characters and even video clips from T2. In terms of gameplay, it uses the T-800’s night vision to allocate random bonuses, and character symbols that transform before your eyes, just like the film’s primary villain. Few games have gone so far to integrate its movie theme to this extent.

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