A Guide to Working with Outside Technical Experts

When you are running a business, one of your most challenging jobs is to foster a certain company culture, bring on members of staff who fit with your ethos, complement the skill sets of others within the organization, and make your business a stronger entity.

This takes time to achieve and is a constantly fluctuating process that needs your daily attention to flourish and improve. However, there is a certain simplicity to it because you know exactly where each member of staff is, how to contact them, and how they fit into the overall hierarchy of the business.

This cannot be said of outside technical experts, who are sometimes drafted in to help solve a particular problem, offer guidance over difficult decisions, or train your team on tackling a certain challenge.

There are many reasons why dealing with outside technical experts is potentially more difficult. There can be some large egos at play, and when you are told what to do by a stranger from outside your company, it can be hard to swallow.

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Equally, the outside technical expert can attempt to throw their weight around if they feel that they have to get their voice heard or opinions respected, which can end badly if it is not managed properly.

To help you make it work smoothly, here is a guide to working with outside technical experts.

Assessing the need for outside technical experts

The best place to start when you are thinking about working with an outside technical expert is to pinpoint exactly what it is you are hoping they can solve for you.

It is tempting to believe that by merely hiring a so-called expert, all your business problems can be solved with a snap of the fingers. This just doesn’t happen, so you need to have a specific challenge and end goal for the consultant to work towards.

For instance, you might have an underlying weakness within your IT systems, which an IT security consultancy like bytes.co.uk can help you with.

Finding and evaluating outside technical experts

Now that you have established why you want to acquire outside technical expertise, it is time to find the right candidate for you.

There are many ways in which you can try and find the right expert for you. It is sensible to start with a quick web search to see what options are available and what their typical salary expectations are.


You may also want to ask other entrepreneurs about any positive experiences they have had with outside technical experts.


Once you have started to source some viable candidates, you should assess their qualifications, previous experience, and any recommendations from old clients. You should then interview them as soon as possible to see if they would be a good fit for your business.


Setting expectations and communication

Lastly, you need to set specific expectations for the outside technical expert so that you can both have a barometer of success.

You cannot hope to solve the problem quickly, so be patient with them and don’t wield a Damocles sword over their head from the moment that they walk in the door.


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