3 Ways To Restart Windows File Explorer Not Responding In Windows 10 PC And Laptop

Restarting Windows 10 file explorer is an easier process on Windows 10 PC, but lack of knowledge leads to complications. One of my friends was shocked to learn the simple technique, and it explains the technical knowledge of regular computer consumers.

There are several simples to advanced ways to restart Windows file explorer in Win10 PC. The first method will work on Windows 10 edition computer, but it does not apply to earlier versions. Do not worry about Win8, Win7 and any earlier version consumers because I have an idea on it.

What is Windows File Explorer?

Windows FileExplorer is the main browser for the Microsoft operating system. You can access Storage partitions, USB devices, DVD Writer, Files, Folders, Edit, Copy, Paste, Cut, and pretty much work in it. It is a popular browser that people don’t understand it properly, and Microsoft designed it for the people. Windows 10 FileExplorer considered as a file manager, browser and locater. Too many names, but the task does not change, and it remains the same.

When should restart Windows 10 File Explorer?

In Win7, I had several problems with task manager bug, where programs were replicating in the notification bar. Sometimes the program icons were invisible in the notification bar, and it is a glitch. Normally, restarting the file-explorer fixed the problem temporary for the session.

Millions of computers are running Windows 10 right now, and it is a buggy operating system, which Microsoft is fixing. Overtime usage can slow down the machine so a quick restart can fix “not responding” Windows in a moment.

However, if you are having a major issue with the background running services or programs, this isn’t going to resolve it at all. Do not create assumptions that restarting the explorer can clear the cache and junk files in Win10 PC. FileExplorer behaves strangely and it is an advanced feature for the advanced users to resolve “not responding” Windows. In the worst case scenario, I suggest the consumers restart the computer to resolve major background issue.

Overall, it is a handy feature to keep the session experience smooth and does not use it randomly.

Method One: Task Manager

I have mentioned that the first method intended for Win 10 PC only and I am not going back on my word. Move on to the second method for older generation OS compatibility, and it will work on pretty much on any version from two decades.

Step 1: Open “Task Manager.” You can take a quick look at the snapshot for instruction.

Step 2: Open a Window file explorer and make sure to leave it active till the end.

Step 3: Now, select “Windows Explorer” and then click on “Restart” located at the right-bottom corner. I have left a snapshot below for visual instruction.

Step 4: The entire computer will go black, so do not panic because it is a common procedure.

In some cases, the explorer takes a few moments to load normally. Overtime usage can cause a lot of problems and if the computer does not function normally, then restart it. In some glitch situations, this method does not seem to work at all, so reinstall Windows OS for optimal performance.

Method Two: Command Prompt

I have tested the methods before suggesting to the readers/visitors, so do not worry about the consequences. You can always access the browser when the FileExplorer is in an inactive state.

Step 1: Type “CMD or Command Prompt” in the search bar and then run as administrator the first result.

Step 2: Type the following codes in the empty field “taskkill /f /im explorer.exe” and hit enter to continue.

Step 3: The entire screen will go black, so not panic because the file-explorer is in an inactive state. Enter the following command “start explorer.exe” to restart the file manager.

In a few moments, the computer manager will show up on the screen, and things will go back to a normal state. Keep in mind that restarting file explorer does not close the running programs and background services.

Bottom Line

A corrupt driver can cause a lot of problems, so do not assume that restarting can solve the problem. In case, if you come across a technical issue, which file explorer restart could not solve, then dig deeper in Win 10 OS.

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