Best Navigate To Top Button For Your Website

Majority of premium these comes with this button,but there are some premium themes which don’t offer this feature.Talking about the free themes,its hard to find this cool feature.

There are many scroll to top or navigate to top plugins available for you if are using self hosted WordPress CMS to carry out your online blogging or any other business.But choosing the right plugins for smooth scroll to top is a tedious task,since most of them are very advanced or very simple.From these category we have chosen two plugins namely WPFront, Smooth Scroll Up and ToTop Link.

WPFront Scroll Top


Download WPFront

With a cool animation effect the visitors can quickly navigate to the upper portion of a webpage and this one stands out from the rest with the below features

  • You hide the button, ie the icon shows only when the user move the mouse over that area
  • Adding text or an image (with url) is now possible, so you could host the image in some website say Facebook, Imgur
  • You can even hide the icon in pages like contact, disclaimer, privacy policy etc
  • Show or hide in mobile devices but we think showing the it will be good
  • Moreover its available in local languages namely Spanish, Serbian, Russian,German, Ukrainian
  • This one rated 5 star on an average from the total 44 votes
  • Compatible with latest WP version
  • This receives an average download of 225, which is pretty decent

Lets start Smooth Scroll Up

Smooth Scroll Up is simple and easy to configure plugin.This plugin stick to the browsers lower left or right portion as soon as the user scrolls down and don’t conflict with the footer widgets.When the user clicks on the scroll up button he will taken up-to top of the page with smooth easing effect.Talking about the customization we can edit the text that’s appearing in the tab with our own and replaces the default one.

Smooth scroll up options

options to choose

Current version : 0.8.7

  • Now has more supported languages
  • Better mobile detection plugin

Download now from WP repository

Now we can see what ToTop Link for WordPress has to offer

Unlike smooth scroll up this plugin floats on the page without sticking to any side of your web browser.If you are not satisfied with the default image that you see in your page for ToTop plugin you can customize the image that you wish to use to move the page up.The image width and height are also configurable within the plugin settings.Talking about the position,the position is where the link will be displayed.You can choose any of eight different positions, or us custom values to position it exactly where you want it.You can choose between using a Dark image for sites with a light-colored background, Light image for sites with a dark-colored background, or a simple Text link.With the text link style you can further configure the link with different link/hover colors and custom wording for the link.The speed of the movement of the page to top can also be controlled by you by entering the value to this box named ToTop Scroll Speed.Like smooth scroll up it also comes up with a smooth scrolling animation when the user clicks on the link.

Current version : 1.6

  • Improved code that gives better loading time to pages
  • Various other fixes

Download this plugin from WP repository

Now regarding the support, you can head to the support forum of each of those.

If you found any other useful plugins like this,drop a comment and spread the word.

Note: Before making any changes,as a precaution always backup your WordPress site and database.

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