Digital Detox: Why Take A Break From The Internet?

Today, every student has constant access to the Internet. All you need is a phone, and you can “drift” on different pages of the network without restrictions. Unfortunately, the permanence and unlimitedness of such access also have its drawbacks, which you are already aware of. You risk becoming addicted to the Internet, which can affect not only your contacts with other people but also your productivity and academic performance.

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Should you use digital detox, that is, abandon the virtual world from time to time? How to do it? How can it help you? Read this article and find out!

Is Internet Addiction Becoming More Common?

Due to the fact that today it is easy to find any information on the Internet, you are increasingly going to the Internet for every little thing. There is a high probability that many students, while reading this article, at least once looked at the phone or other website. Most often do not realize how much time they spend on it and are distracted. Even if you are looking for something you really need, like, for example, an essay writing service, you may still get lost in the rabbit hole of the Internet.

It is possible that immediately after waking up you check social networks, news portals. It doesn’t seem to take long, but you’re actually immersed in the virtual world for long minutes. And later you complain that you do not have enough time for anything, but there is always a minute to read the information on your favorite site.

The Internet can be addictive to such an extent that it will not only disrupt your concentration but also contact with family and even health!

Digital Detox – How To Relax?

Do you still lack time, although you always read a few articles on the Internet without any problems? Are your loved ones angry because you are always reaching for your smartphone? Can’t focus on any activity? Digital detox is what you need!

The Method Of Small Steps

Some people decide to give up the Internet gradually. For example, after work, you will spend 3 hours without a network. If you find it easy for you, try spending the weekend like this. The ideal option would be not to visit the virtual world during the entire vacation period. Of course, you can also immediately decide on more radical steps, for example, to establish that for two weeks you will use the Internet only for academic purposes, like using grademiners to complete your essays.

Use Of Applications

A digital detox can be difficult – you promise yourself that you will live without the Internet. For example, you need to look at important information about working online. And suddenly it turns out that for two hours you watched videos read articles that you absolutely do not need. In this situation, you should use plug-ins or applications that block access to the sites where you spend most of your time. There are many such programs now.

Disable Messages

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When you have free time and you want to relax, just turn off various messages. You can even mute the phone. Thanks to this, nothing will be distracting. It happens that even during the holidays you check your e-mail, get nervous, and return to work completely without energy as if working all this time.

Find Another Way Entertain Yourself

Sometimes you go online just because you’re bored. You want to relax, but you are not interested in lying down and looking at the ceiling. Then you take a smartphone and start browsing various sites. There are many other activities that can help you overcome boredom and truly relax. You just need to choose something for yourself: long walks, meetings with loved ones, board games, books, movies – there are really many offers!

Does Everyone Need A Digital Detox?

Should each of you from time to time allow yourself a break from the virtual world? Of course, this is not necessary for everyone, because there are people who spend very little time online. However, if you notice that the network plays a big role in your life, you need to fight it to some extent, cause you may become addicted and lose your academic productivity at all.

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To Finalize

It’s totally up to you whether to take an internet detox or not. But it will surely boost your productivity in other spheres of life. Though it is not a constant solution. You need to learn how to balance internet surfing with studying and working, otherwise, you’ll always need to be in detox, which would make your life a bit more complicated.

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