Windows 10 Cloud OS Laptop With Detailed Specs And Price

win10 S cloud

Microsoft is all excited and preparing for the next release. Yes, we are talking about the latest version, which is meant for you “The Users.” This is the slogan the Microsoft has been using unofficially for a long time now. As we all know that the Windows is one of the best computer operating systems for a type of users.

One of the reasons why people go for the Windows, rather than the Linux, Ubuntu and more because of the comfortable the users are with the Windows OS. There are plenty of features which Windows OS has, and it cannot compare to the expensive Apple Mac.

All New Microsoft Windows 10 Cloud OS Laptop With Detailed Specs And Price

Microsoft has often released their OS for all types of a competitor, doesn’t matter how big or small the companies or brands because Microsoft wants to beat the competitors with the features, innovation, simple and can installed on minimum hardware PCs.

Windows has launched their latest release called “Windows 10 S“, which was supposedly previously called “Windows 10 Cloud” but later dropped for some reasons. I don’t know how to describe the latest release or should we name it “Technical Preview” sort of liberation.

Wondering, what I am talking about? Read till the end.

Cloud OS Features

I want to remind you, readers, that I will mention Windows 10 S or Win10 Cloud features or you can call them as limitations, and you can decide if it is revolutionary or not.  

  • Due to the limitations, the price of the Win10 S laptops will be less than before.

screen and keyboard

  • Win10 S cut-off the desktop version of it. In simple words, the Win10 S is pretty much limited to almost everything. The only reason, why it has launched so that Microsoft can compete with the Google Chromebook. Do not panic because the core features are still available like Office but the only objection is that everything is limited.

mouse pad

  • If you are someone who is planning to install programs and run then think twice because the latest release does not allow you to install unknown or programs, which are not registered with the App Store. You will be only able to download and install programs if they are available in the store. This is one of the reasons, why I will not go for the Win10 S laptops.


  • For some weird reason, Windows has not let the users change the default browser to something else. In other words, you are stuck with the Edge as your default browser. You will be able to download and install other browsers from the app store, but you will be able to change the default browser.

light weight

  • The only reason, why the Win 10 S happened because of the Chromebooks.

Windows 10 S Benefits

  • Every program or app downloaded from the Store will run smoothly because all of them tested on the OS before landing on the App Store.
  • The boot-time will be less than 15 seconds.
  • One of the major benefits is that the price will be less than $299. Several branded manufacturers have announced that they will sell it for $299 or less.
  • You can play games, downloaded from the app Store. (You won’t be able to play Steam related games.)
  • Surace Pro will be the first laptop to equipped with the Win 10 S.
  • If you are using Chromebook for educational purpose, then let me inform you that Windows is also targeting the same market. Not only that, you will get better accessibility than Chromebook.
  • If you are purchasing it for the Educational purpose, then you are on the right track, or it can turn out to be your worst purchase ever.
Security & Performance

Microsoft has guaranteed that the Security is perfect in the Win 10 S because it does not let your download third party or unknown software, which is the core of malware and possible threat files located.

file location

After all of the fuss, you may be in the dilemma that the limitations will also strip-down the performance but remember, Win 10 is all about speed and performance. The Win 10 S Laptops performance is top notch.


There is a news that you are locked with IE and Bing for internet browsing and searching. Check this before buying it with the customer support in your country.


Win 10 S is aiming for the educational market, and they are not professional as of now, but with time, they will provide Updates and also Programs in the app store that can help educational system better. Let us know what you think about the Windows 10 S or Cloud laptops in the comments.

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