MarketKing Plugin Review: The Ultimate Multi-vendor WordPress Plugin for Marketplaces

Technology has connected everyone over the web. We can now meet, greet and shop online through online stores. When it comes to shopping online, some famous names pop up in our minds such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. These are the most popular multi-vendor platforms open for all types of consumers.


If you are planning to start the multi-vendor store online, then there’s a plugin called MarketKing for you compatible with WordPress. It’s a Woocommerce Multi Vendor Plugin that allows woocommerce users to integrate it with their existing store for managing the vendors.

MarketKing is the ultimate multi-vendor plugin designed for marketplaces to keep an eye on multiple vendors available in the store. The MarketKing Plugin Review gives you all the information about the plugin and its functionality.

What is MarketKing Plugin?

As noted above, MarketKing Plugin is a multi-vendor plugin for online marketplaces. Woocommerce Marketplace has limited features for multiple vendors and for that reason, every Woocommerce user uses a reliable multi-vendor plugin to manage their vendors.

You need not worry about launching your marketplace on the web, just make use of a couple of plugins on WordPress and you’ll have your Marketplace ready for the customers.

Unlike the standard multi-vendor plugins, MarketKing Plugin serves several useful plugins which makes it the only feature-rich multi-vendor plugin on WordPress. You’ll get a bunch of features to launch a fully functional store online at reasonable rates.

To know more about this plugin, let’s get on to the list of its features now!

MarketKing Plugin: Key Features

1. Vendor Dashboard

The premium design vendor dashboard is there for all the vendors. There is a separate dashboard for each vendor who can update things on his own. The fully feature-rich dashboard allows each of the vendors to log in, add products, manage products, manage orders, data of earnings, messages, and more. The pre-built design makes this plugin more powerful and useful to vendors.

2. Easy Product Management

The dedicated dashboard allows each vendor to do all the activities that an admin can do. Editing the list of products, managing the products and orders, and everything else can be easily managed by the vendor without having access to the main website.

3. Woocommerce Integration

Woocommerce Integration lets vendors manage their dedicated stores smoothly. Built-in coupon management and vendor product management come with all the useful options to manage your online store with woocommerce.

Seamless woocommerce integration makes it easier for the users to manage the products and listings of products. The clean user interface makes the management of products, payment gateways, coupons, etc. easier.

4. Vendor Coupon Management

Vendors can add and manage coupons for their products whenever they want using the dashboard. This option comes as a module that can be disabled or enabled by the vendor anytime right from the dashboard itself.

On the main Coupon Management page, vendors can search for the coupons by price, product, etc, and then add coupons to the selected products for the customers. The customers can redeem the coupon codes while purchasing the products.

If the vendor wants to disable the coupons added to the products, there is an option to disable the entire module. Just go to the MarketKing option from the left sidebar and select the Modules option and then disable this module manually.

5. Refund Requests

There is an advanced refund requests page available for the vendors. This option allows the customer to claim a full or partial refund on the products they purchased. Vendors can approve or reject the refund requests by the customers. All these requests can be easily managed by the vendors from the dashboard itself.

When the vendor approves the requests, the requests then be sent to the admin’s backend where the full or partial refund for the requested customers is processed. There is one more special feature called conversation available for the vendors to send and receive messages from the customers.

Besides this, the MarketKing Plugin comes with several useful features such as vendor earning charts reports, store reviews and feedback, favorite store, advanced shipping, color scheme customizer, order splitter system, single product multiple vendors, vendor product import and export, vendor payouts, vendor withdrawals, store policies, store SEO settings, and many other more.

MarketKing Plugin: Pricing

There are two types of MarketKing Plugins available for the users, the Free Version and the Premium Version. Let’s find out what features are given to customers.

MarketKing Plugin Free Version

  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Vendor Management
  • Basic Registration and Approval System
  • Payouts Management
  • Compatible with Woocommerce Themes
  • Vendor Product Management
  • Vendor Order Management

MarketKing Plugin Premium Version

The Premium version of the MarketKing Plugin gives a list of advanced features with a lifetime license. It’s a one-time purchase that gives you a lifetime license and all the future updates with new features.

  • Advanced Product Management
  • Virtual Products
  • Registration Options and Field Control
  • Editing of Products
  • Premium Design Dashboard
  • Vendor Coupon Management
  • Vendor Order Management
  • Store Reviews
  • Vendor Registration
  • Messaging System
  • Store SEO
  • Vendor Invoices and much more

The MarketKing Premium Plugin has different options.

  1. Starter- $89/ year
  2. Professional- $199/ year
  3. Business- $299/ year
  4. Enterprise- $499/ year


MarketKing is the most reliable multi-vendor plugin for online marketplaces. If you integrate this plugin on a Woocommerce Marketplace, then you can easily manage multiple vendors. Each vendor will be provided with a dedicated dashboard and full control to manage their products, add or delete coupons, and more. It’s a great plugin to boost your productivity and increase your earnings. Go give it a try now!

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