Whozout Live Review – Broadcast Yourself and Make Money

The social media has grown from a fleeting trend to an international obsession. With platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, a number of individuals and organizations are able to generate business and promote their products. Not only this, people can interact over the social media and can even stream themselves. One such emerging application that allows the users to stream themselves online and generate income is Whozout Live. Let’s explore more about this app in details.

What is Whozout Live app?

live broadcast

Whozout Live is a stunning mobile app that allows the users to live stream their content and receive the tokens as appreciation from the viewers. The broadcasters can even stream their content to friends/followers, to a group, or even in private. The broadcaster can charge a flat fee from the viewers for watching the live videos. So, go live and earn cash with Whozout Live app.

How can you earn Tokens?

Earning the tokens with Whozout Live is really simple. You just need to broadcast the live streams to the world and get tokens as appreciation. These tokens can then be converted to cash. Here are few ways by which you can earn tokens:

  • You can broadcast the stream in public and receive the tokens from the viewers by receiving the premium paid emojis.
  • Broadcasting to friends/followers and charge per minute fee or a flat fee to watch the video.
  • Broadcasting in private and charging the flat fee as tokens from the viewer.
  • Uploading the photos and receiving premium paid tokens for the photos.

The tokens you have earned can be cashed out after every week only if you are a verified member and can accumulate 1000 tokens or more that week.

How to Become a Verified User (Broadcaster)?

You can find an option ‘Become a Verified Member & Receive Cash’ on the profile page. Tap on this option. You should be at least 18 years old to use this app. Download the ‘Broadcaster Agreement’, fill in the details and then upload it back to the app after completing it. You also need to submit the tax documents along with a Government ID photo and a Selfie with ID photo.

If you fail to submit any of these documents or your photo is not clear, the verification process will fail. Once you are verified, you can turn out your tokens into cash. Both US and non-US citizens can receive the tokens.


Can a Non-Verified Member Receive Tokens?

Yes, every user using the Whozout Live app is eligible to receive the tokens for their broadcasts, but only the members who have verified their accounts can convert the tokens into cash. Being a viewer, you can also buy the tokens from the AppStore or PlayStore by making the in-app purchases.

The Setup

  • To use this app, you can download and install it on your smartphone. Once installed, tap on its icon and open it on your device. You will be asked if you are 18 years old or not. Click on ‘Yes’.

age checker

  • You will now be redirected to the home screen, where you can find the live streams going on.


  • You can even choose to apply different filters and set preferences.


  • Now, to get live, you just need to press the button ‘Go Live’ on the home screen.


  • Give permissions to the app to record audio and video.


  • Now add description for your broadcast.

add description

  • Once you have added the description, you will be asked to share the video with group, private, public, or with friends.


  • Now select the country in which you want your stream to be available.


  • After adding the country, tap on ‘Done’ option.


  • Now click on ‘Start’ button to start the streaming.

streaming two


  • The stream will begin instantly. You can add the comment and can even reply to the comments.

streaming three

  • Click on ‘Finish’ button to stop the stream.



  • It is free to use.
  • It gives you an opportunity to earn cash.
  • Apps available for both Androidand iOS


  • Accurate GPS is required for signup, we think they would have given an option to choose the country without turning on GPS.
The Bottom Line

Whozout Live is a stunning app that allows you to broadcast your content throughout the world. You can make money by streaming your content and charging flat fee for it or by receiving the tokens. The verified users can easily turn these tokens to cash. If you wish to earn money online, you should start using this app now.

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