Comparison Of Instagram And Discord

There are many different social media apps on the market, but some of the most popular include Instagram and Discord. While these two apps may seem very similar, there are actually a surprising number of differences between them.


Discord is a social media app that allows people to create text, video, and audio chat rooms. It is designed for people who game or frequently want to communicate with friends by using so many types of fonts and wording styles . The name Discord is a combination of the word ‘discord’ and the acronym ‘UCSD’, which stands for University of California – San Diego. When the app was first created, it was designed to allow college students to socialize with each other.

However, the app has since been made available for anyone to use and is now a popular choice among companies, celebrities, and gamers.


On the other hand, Instagram is a photo-sharing app that allows people to share pictures or short videos without text. It is well-known for its variety of filters that change the look and feel of a photo as well as the hashtags users can follow.

Difference between Discord and Instagram

Both Discord and Instagram have a long list of differences that set them apart from each other. These differences include the number of users, the content posted, how posts are created, and more.

The number of users is one main difference between Discord and Instagram. While both apps have a large number of users, Discord has a little over 90 million while Instagram has a little under 700 million.

This difference in the number of users means that Discord is mainly used by gamers and their friends, while Instagram has a bigger variety of uses and users.

Another difference between the two apps is the content posted. Instagram allows users to post photos or videos, while Discord only has one main type of content: chat rooms.

Users can add a variety of different things inside a chat room, including text posts or images. The content is usually determined by the chat room’s creator. Users can’t post anything else aside from text, photos, or videos inside a chat room.

Some other differences between the two apps include how posts are created, how posts are seen, and the way notifications work.

For example, on Instagram people can see other users’ posts right on their home page, while on Discord people have to join chat rooms before they can see any of the posts.

Another difference is that Instagram users can see when someone has liked their posts, while Discord users can’t. However, Discord does notify people if they are mentioned in a post.

Discord was made for gamers. It allows people to connect and discuss games without tipping off cyber-bullies or others who might be looking to harm them. It claims that it is a safe way to communicate with friends and strangers alike, however, cyber-security experts would beg to differ. It goes without saying that this is a dangerous website. Instagram, on the other hand, has been made for fun things such as sharing your images and videos, communicating with friends, and socializing with other users.

The information that people provide on Instagram is another difference between the two websites. On Discord, there is no requirement to give out personal information such as your age, location, name etc. on the other hand, Instagram requires users to provide all of this information before posting.

This problem also carries over to the messaging feature on Instagram because it allows anyone to send a user a message without knowing their identity or having permission to do so.

Lastly, Instagram users can see other users’ profiles, while Discord users have to add friends in order to do so.

While these features may seem similar, there are actually many differences between Discord and Instagram. If you want to communicate with friends or share photos, then Discord is a good option. However, if you want to communicate with a large group of people and see posts from your favorite celebrities, Instagram may be a better option.

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