Our Favorite Tools For Running An eCommerce Business

With major retailers taking over the ecommerce industry, it’s no wonder why everything wants to get in on these profits. Thinking of starting your own online business? You can just set up shop and expect sales to grow. You need to track conversions, visitors, and sales every step of the way.

Here are eight must-have tools that are essential for running a successful ecommerce site.



After you have your ecommerce business set up, you’ll need Kissmetrics. This tool allows you to track the amount of visitors who come to your site each day. It also dives deep into these metrics by finding out where they come from, how long they spend on your website, and where they click before making a purchase. It’s the ultimate analytics tool for your online business needs.

It provides you with accurate analytics, easy generation of reports, and real-time tracking, which means you’ll have access to data at all times. Kissmetrics makes the data easy to interpret with the use of charts, graphs, and labels. It provides you with everything you need to run and grow a successful business. You can easily integrate it into your ecommerce store.


You’ll need to find a way to get paid. PayPal is one of the easiest ways to accept payment on your website. It provides you with flexibility in the way that your customers can pay for products and services. Since it already has a high trust factor among 210 million people, integrating PayPal will make your customers feel more at ease. It’s so easy to integrate that it only takes a few minutes of your time.

PayPal allows your customers to make a payment via their bank account, credit card, or their own PayPal account. After the money is received in your PayPal account, you have the option to have it transferred to your bank account or to spend it immediately. PayPal also has 24/7 chat and e-mail support and business upgrades that makes tracking payments easier.


After you have your business set up, you’ll need someone to provide content. Whether it’s for your blog, homepage, or product descriptions, you’ll need a writer who’s familiar with copywriting and content marketing. Speedlancer provides you with the writers you need. This tool allows you to purchase high-quality content from freelancers around the world.

Most projects are delivered within 4 hours. It’s one of the best tools for businesses that have a budget because the rates are affordable. The average job acceptance rate is 10 minutes, which means you’ll get your work done in no time. In addition to the high-quality content, you’ll receive customer service support for your questions and concerns.


The moment that your ecommerce business starts growing, you’ll need Hotjar. This tool helps you determine how you can convert those visitors into paying customers. It’s a data collection tool that determines how your visitors interact with your website. One advantage of this tool is that it lets you record your entire website, which turns it into a heatmap.

With just a few clicks, you can see how many people react to the elements on your website. You can also see how they interact with your sales funnel in real-time, which can help improve your conversions. While Hotjar offers a paid version, the free option provides you with a wide variety of analytics tools. They also have customer service and e-mail support if you’re confused about how to use it.


Unbxd is one of the newest tools on this list. It provides you with context-aware site search and personal recommendations. This SEO extension gives marketers and merchandisers everything they need to improve their site search and product recommendations. Site search can make or break the customer experience.

It offers a personalized site search that’s based on visitor intent. Most of the filters and merchandise are based on business objectives. Their product recommendations can increase conversions from 10% to 30%. By offering personalized search and product recommendations based on customer behavior and other important factors, Unbxd helps you personalize the buyer’s journey and increase conversions.


This is an excellent tool for online retailers to reach out to their customers by mentioning upcoming sales or recommending products. Some of the biggest ecommerce brands use Searchspring on their category menu and website search. This SEO extension allows you to collect data, optimize it, and provide better search results, so you can offer an improved search redirect and increase conversions. It’s one of the best navigation solutions to increase ecommerce sales.


Need to provide customer service? Zendesk gives you everything you need without having to hire a customer service team. It provides you with features that allow you to create support tickets, create self-help sections, and track customer performance. It handles and manages questions and concerns brought up by your customers through chat support, e-mail, phone calls, search, and social networks by combining them in one place. You can even engage with your customers through Zendesk by sending surveys.

Each of these tools will allow you to start and grow your online business. They give you everything you need to make your business successful at every stage of the customer journey. Whether you’re selling digital products, physical products, or drop shipping, these tools will become an essential part of your website.

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