Top 7 Apps You Need in 2024

Technology is dynamic. The best app you thought you couldn’t live without 2 years ago could be phased out by now. For you to keep the pace of technological advancements and changes, you must be flexible to adapt to change whenever it comes. In 2020, there are some cool new apps that you might want to check out.


Being a college student, I keep myself preoccupied with following the tech world. Being well-versed with the best new android apps in the market and the launch of any new devices from leading companies is important. Be up to date with platforms that interest you like those on sports, social media, games, travel, name it.

Top Apps for 2020

At the university, you can barely survive without a smartphone. Different apps allow you to save your notes and keep tabs on all your assignments. A smartphone is as essential to any person, just like it is to a college kid.

Here is a list of some of the best new android apps in the market that you might want to check out. They will be helpful in your day to day life.

1. Microsoft Math Solver

This has just been the app for me in 2020. It is an essential application, especially if you are doing mathematics-related courses at the university. “The app is for lazy students who don’t want to work hard.” You think so? On the contrary, it is a study tool for serious, hardworking mathematicians.

Students solve hard equations as well as simple math problems. The most amazing thing about this software is that it explains to you all the steps used to arrive at the answer. You get to comprehend fully how the equation is solved.

2. Google Drive

Although this app was not developed in 2020, it remains an awesome software to have on your phone. It is especially useful for backing up important documents and pictures on the cloud, where they are safe even when you lose your gadget. The app guarantees you the ultimate safety of all backed-up information, documents, and images.

In college, this Google Drive apps helps you back up some articles and essays that you have struggled to find. You need to back-up those essay articles you get from essays for sale websites on a free trial. Losing such information can be very risky since you cannot access it for free again. Some articles for sale are very hard to come by, and if you find them, you pay up.


3. Google Maps and Waze

Google is always adding new and important updates on its apps to make them more useful in life. This particular program does not require a fresh android install, but a simple upgrade to receive all the new features. Other than helping you locate filling stations and find your way in new and unfamiliar places, the app now provides real-time traffic updates.

Thanks to the new Waze update, you can now access maps and navigation even when offline. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to find your way in a new town. The new update has an excellent navigation tool that makes you find your way pretty easily.

Update your Google Maps.

4. Google Chrome

Whether you are looking for custom paper essay writers online or searching the juicy news in the celebrity world, Google Chrome is the right app for you. This is a user-friendly and fast browser that allows you to access any information on the internet.

With Chrome, you get to stay up to date with sales reports for big companies and save your access history to different websites. It is a well-optimized search engine that allows you to get the precise data you need for term papers on a specific topic and read articles.

5. Adobe Photoshop Camera

If you are a social media lover, the experience gets better in 2020. Adobe Photoshop Camera allows you to edit and revamp your pictures, making them more presentable and appealing to look at. It comes with an artificial intelligence platform that suggests different filters for your photos.

It is an excellent software to get if you want to spice up your Instagram.

6. Bite

Bite allows you to view some of the best restaurants and cafes in your area before settling for one. Unlike other food and restaurant apps, Bite focuses on images and tiny details that will simplify your restaurant selection process.

There is also a column where Bite users leave reviews and remarks about different eateries. You get to discover new cafes around and read feedback from fed customers.

william-iven-SpVHcbuKi6E-unsplash (3)

7. Yarn

Are you a fan of reading stories and content? Then you will appreciate Yarn on your smartphone. It brings you a wide collection of custom stories presented in the text message format. It makes you feel like you are going through someone else’s inbox. That is not creepy at all.

Yarn has a free version but you are limited to a few stories. You can purchase full access and enjoy romance, comedy, and sci-fi and fantasy stories. The app gives you a resourceful way to spend your free spare time.

Last Words

The excerpt above has highlighted some of the best new android apps that you should have in your device in 2020. You can download most of them for free.

They will help you make your life more interesting and fun. Thousands of apps are added online daily. The above 7 stands out as the top apps that might have the most impact in 2020.

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