Are VR Games Stimulating to the Brain?

VR is fast becoming the in-thing in the gaming industry. Most of the latest consoles are now coming with VR support. The PC’s have not been left behind either. Even the latest generation of gaming computers are VR-ready by default.

What about learning and cognition? It is commonly argued that the ability to continuously learn and practically apply information in creative methods is essential for achieving success in any area of life. Enhancing the cognitive abilities of students is the #1 priority of every tutor, whether in a school or business environment.

Nevertheless, the majority of traditional learning methods are not sufficiently effective. They do not offer enough stimulation to the learners, and this makes the learning process rather tedious and difficult. It is common knowledge that students’ learning abilities increase whenever they undertake practical tasks.

The majority of educational activities involve the issuance of oral instructions. Though both oral guidance and visual stimulation are useful ways of disseminating information, they are not very practical for optimal learning.

The human brain only retains a meager proportion of information. What’s more, the knowledge retention rate drops further when students are not stimulated. As such, the most efficient learning method in the current setting is through repetition.

The Effect of VR on the Human Brain

Research studies in the disciplines of psychology and neuroscience have proved that the brain usually forms an environmental map using information absorbed via the five primary senses. This information is what becomes an individual’s perspective of reality. So as we absorb more information, our cognitive development increases.

When an individual encounters a familiar situation, person, or object, their brain immediately predicts what might happen next. Nevertheless, if the brain lacks any substantial experience, it is unable to predict. As such, the individual’s reaction will purely rely on their memory.

VR can reconfigure the brain and bolster neural connections required for memory and learning. Within a simulated world, the brain sees and does precisely what is needed, rather than filling in the blanks. This fact makes VR a highly effective tool in quickening the learning process for both trainees and students.

When it comes to gaming, most VR headsets have been designed to immerse the player in the virtual world fully. All their senses get shifted away from the real world. Therefore, tricking the brain into thinking that the simulated environment is real.

As a result, brain cells absorb the information and form “schemas,” which affect how learners will respond to real-life situations. What’s more, new synapses get formed, and this has the potential to assist students in enhancing how they learn in various aspects of life.

According to Deloitte Insights, VR tech improves learning at lower costs as well as in less time compared to most traditional learning methods. There is no need for commuting every time, no excessive paperwork, etc.

The Application of VR in Gambling

One  of the most popular games enjoyed by most VR gamers is online video poker. The integration of wearable technology, creative programming, and the VR headgear enables players to explore the world of gambling in a radically different way.

Mike Tan at OnlineCasinoGems[.]com, states, “Gambling is usually captivating particularly due to its social nature. Nevertheless, human interaction is predominantly absent from most online casinos, especially in the progressive slot games. But with VR technology, players get a myriad of opportunities to relive and even improve social moments.”

Fortnite is a highly popular game since it offers a splendid opportunity to socially connect with other gamers. Such co-experience is poised to be the next big thing within the entertainment industry.

The game of poker has also made many strides in this direction through the implementation of voice UI. Rather than making calls, raises, or passes through handheld controllers, players issue voice commands.

Additionally, the social aspect can be enhanced through player avatars. These allow the players to create identities that will be reflected within the avatar’s looks, social status, community status, as well as the competitive profile.

For instance, if players are ready to buy virtual drinks at the bar using real money, the operators can provide free social touchpoints to VIP customers as a way of showing gratitude. Also, when it comes to customer support, the agents can be represented through avatars to help a gambler personally.

As humans socialize, they develop their social aptitudes. Therefore, by socializing through VR, people find a cheaper and more convenient method of enhancing their skills.

The Exploration of New Environments

Gaming through VR has the ability to take you into a whole new world, whereby you get to experience different things and even meet up with various fictional characters. The extremely interactive 3D visualization is so immersive that the experience feels 100% realistic. As such, the players experience all those things that usually seem surreal while in real-life.

If you are a gambler, you can instantly shift your location from a casino in Las Vegas, to Mars Casino, or even Macau. This diverse, yet dynamic experience enhances player retention rates, leading to more profits for the game-developer and more enjoyment for players. Moreover, through VR, the players learn new things about new places, thus increasing their knowledge of the world.

The Enhancement of Self-Expression

As one strengthens their cognitive ability through VR gaming, they also train on how to become better at self-expression, particularly for the shy or introverted. VR gaming assists them in creating a virtual world where they have control over everything. This can potentially enhance their self-confidence and pride.

The Bottom Line

VR gaming has radically changed the general gaming landscape. With this amazing technology, you can explore various highly-realistic environments. Therefore, if you desire a more enriching experience, you need to consider trying out VR games and experience the immersion and enjoyment it offers. 

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