The best apps to follow your favourite sports

True sports fans need access to matches almost instantly, especially if their favourite team is playing. They want to know the results live, without needing any search engine to check them.

Thanks to today’s technology, Sport World has improved in many aspects. For example, the tools used by teams to monitor their players and look for the best strategy to win matches or  bet live from the net through providers like, which offer a huge choice of different bet types. It doesn’t matter whether the match belongs to upper or lower leagues, you can make big wins. Moreover, the payment method is not through standardised currency, given that it’s now possible to pay with PayPal and Bitcoin. To get in you just need your device in order to register and start betting on your team. But, the most important feature is that it is possible to enjoy all matches from any device thanks to different applications that have been developed especially for this purpose. Fans from all over the world can connect anywhere thanks to technological advances, and sometimes it is not even necessary to pay anything to do so.

Do you want to find out which are the best apps available for you to enjoy your favourite sports?



This application for enjoying sporting sessions online is available completely free of charge. It allows its users to easily search for any specific videos they want to watch, and is compatible with Mac, Windows and Android. They also give you the option to save all the videos you want on favourites so you can watch them again days later.


In this application you can find content on basketball and football, two of the top-five sports from our article, as well as news related to these sports. On 365Scores it is also possible to enjoy the summaries of the matches and the rankings so that you are always aware of your favourite team’s current ranking position.

Its only disadvantage is that there is a 5-minute delay with the real live connection, but better that than nothing at all, right? Downloading it is completely free, although prices range from $0.99 to $139.99.


YipTV offers its users a freemium subscription, identical to the one we have seen above, with more than 100 unique and exclusive channels. Not only sports, but also entertainment and news streaming channels. This makes it one of the most complete streaming apps on the market right now. With content for all kinds of audiences. However, in order to enjoy the app 100%, you must either subscribe monthly for $14.99, or annually for $49.99.


Thanks to this application, it is possible to get closer to feminine football streaming, a sports modality not offered by many other applications and one many people are also interested in. As the name of the app itself indicates, you will be able to find any information about LaLiga, and it also offers you easy access to the premium season.

You’ll also find match updates almost instantly, and it’s possible to watch a video later if you download it. And it’s completely free!


Unlike the rest, this is a software application with very high quality content. Its users can play any video in HD and even 4K without any out-of-sync or audio delay with what is happening on screen. And all this without any prior payment, as it is free of charge.


On SuperSport, you will not simply be able to enjoy football, but also other types of sports not usually found on these platforms, such as cricket. It is very user-friendly, so if this is your first time you using the application, it will not be difficult to find what you are looking for.

As a novelty, unlike the rest, SuperSport gives you access to a live chat where you can comment on every play, and if you have trouble watching a live match, at the end you will always have a video with the highlights of the event available. And all this without having to pay at all!

Enjoying any sport has never been so easy accessible to anyone. These applications make access to all easy for all sport enthusiasts. Would you like to try one of them?

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