Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifiers Maintenance Tips

Cool mist designs have several advantages with good health and safety profiles. They are a good option for people with safety issues about heating water, especially in homes with active toddlers or pets.

While using an Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier, it is crucial to keep them clean from time to time, and here are a few ways to go about it.

Empty the base of the water tank 

The first thing to do is turn off the device and unplug its cord from the wall. Proceed to remove the water tank from the base. Turn the tank clockwise or anti-clockwise to achieve this through the manufacturers always specify it.

Tip: Seek more directions from the manufacturer concerning more info on how to empty the water from the tank of the cool mist humidifier.

Empty the water tank and dry the wicker

The next thing one would want to do is empty the water tank by removing the humidifier cap. Empty the tank of any leftover water into the sink or tub. After emptying the tank, please do not put it back; instead, turn on the appliance to dry off the wicker filter since it is part of the machine that holds moisture. After the wicker dries off, please turn off the device and unplug it from the electrical channel.


Identifying the wicker

The filter is an open-ended cylinder in the cool mist humidifier while flat in others. The typical way to spot either of them is to look for any feature with a spongy or mesh-like appearance.

Handle the filter gently to avoid tearing it

The wicking filter removal procedure will differ depending on the type/design of the person’s cool mist humidifier. Consult the manufacturer when facing difficulties in removing the filter.

Remove the water tray.

Spot the water tray below the cool mist humidifier, which allows the tank to carry water. Clean the tray using white vinegar: fill the tray halfway with white vinegar. Let it sit for about 20 minutes.

Get a sponge and wet it with the vinegar to properly clean parts of the tray that are not wet. Be careful so the vinegar does not spill on the surface of the water tray.

Tip: Do not use soap, detergents, or any other kind of harsh cleaners to clean the water tray, except the manufacturer approves it. Doing this without approval can aerosolize the humidifier when it is time to reassemble it.

Rinse the water tray

After letting the vinegar sit for 20 minutes and wiping the tray, rinse it with warm water. Alternatively, put the tray on the top shelf of the dishwasher and switch it on. When the tray flushes appropriately, have it dried by hand using a clean and dry cloth.


  • Do not dip the water tray in water
  • Always wipe the inner part of the water tank, then let it air dry

Next, fill the bedroom humidifier with clean water till the smell of bleach is entirely off. Now the humidifier is as good as new, and the user can now enjoy it without getting scared of contacting any health issues because of the moisture released.

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