Stay Focused App As A Better Work Hours Tracker For Windows| Review

There are many times that one skips a task because he or she does not have it organized properly, or the person forgets to do the task due to the preoccupied life style. There are major things that a person needs to do in the defined daily task of the schedule been defined for him or herself. There are many schedule making applications available for utilization but there is none other like the Stay Focused App that provides you with a simple yet elegant interface to provide you with a scheduler that has multiple features.

Stay Focused App A Better Work Hours Tracker For Windows Review

bannerThe website which is that provides you a link to download the 14 day trial free version is also as simple as one can built a website for the user to get directly to the point. The 14 days trial has all the option open for the time period of 14 days, a person can fully test and get addicted to this spectacular application provided. The software has been developed and designed by a two man team namely Dajia Chu and Zhi Chun. As the website displays in its about page that internet is distracting therefore there is a great requirement to create an application that allows us to stay focused on the task at hand rather than getting lured into unproductive tasks.

There are three variants of this software available namely the standard, pro1-user, and pro3-user. The cost of each product is free, $19.9, and $34.99 respectively. As the names give it away the only difference between the second and third version is that the first is available for one user only and the latter is available for a total of 3 users, there is no discrimination between the two in case of functionality. The free version of the software that is unpaid comes with a handful of utilities and this version cannot be defined as an edge container from the other software’s available on the internet today. In addition to the simple structure of the website there is a support and tour section which easily guides you through all of the enlisted features.

As specified before in this article that there has been a simple yet sophisticated interface been provided for best utilization. It should be noted that a wide area has been provided in the application so that the user is able to see all the required tasks of the day. The different buttons related to the functionality of program is situated rather in the corners of the software. The top right corner contains filters that provide you with the option to change the resultant tasks view to a more accurate type that is required at the current moment.


Simple and easy to use UI

The different filters allow user to filter the tasks according to the day the type of tasks and lastly the sorting of old and new tasks. The bottom left corner of the software allows you to make new tasks according to the user’s requirement.

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As seen in the above image there is quite a lot of options available to decide from to develop the task and to take the appropriate action by the machine without the assistance of the user, this helps in providing an open table to the user by optimizing the user’s system to accomplish that specific task. The bottom right corner provides you with two options which are to search a specific task and secondly to define the settings to the software other than this the pop up allows you to generate the report of the productivity done by that specific system. The display of the report is done graphically on the machine.





As seen that there is a wide variety of reports that one can avail to keep a check on the amount of productivity that is done by the user, it can be used for personnel use or for public use, the first method allows you to get to sit with very informational people while the other option may leave the company to check for other methods to receive this software full analytical report.


To wrap it all up I would like to say that the Stay Focused App is filled with quite an handful of features that allows the user to focus on a specific task rather than facing distractions. The software is the one you should look for if you are looking forward to a work scheduler.

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