Sling TV Live Streaming 2024: Channels, Packages, Pricing (Guide)

Sling TV is excellent for watching Live TV and is a great alternative to cable TV providers. So if you are in the market for Sling TV then learning about its streams, packages, and pricing should be your next move. This is everything you need to know about Sling TV.

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV offers flawless customization in this business with multiple packages with add-on options. This movie and show streaming site is of high quality, meaning you will find content from popular networks. On top of that, Sling TV is among the most affordable streaming OTT platforms.

Subscribers of Sling TV can access the OTT platform from various devices making its compatibility a great joy. Whether you are on Fire TV, Roku, or other streaming devices, you can easily play Sling TV content on them.

Sling TV Packages

The packages or offerings of Sling TV come in two types. The first one is Sling Orange and the other is Sling Blue. There are tons of channels that you can find in both packages. As a result, choosing the packages can be confusing. However, Sling TV precisely puts exclusive channels in one of the packages. As a result, it can be your decision-making factor for choosing Sling Orange or Blue.

There are 32 channels including Disney and ESPN channels on Sling TV Orange. These channels from ESPN and Disney are not present in the 42 channels provided by Sling TV Blue. However, Sling TV Blue compensates for the absence of such channels with exclusive inclusion of channels from FOX and NBC. In some areas where Sling TV is available, Sling Blue also has ABC, NBC, and FOX networks.

Popular channels in Sling Orange are Comedy Central, BBC America History channels, etc. There are dozens of other channels available on Sling Orange. Similarly, Sling Blue has Bravo, Discovery Channels NFL Network, etc.

DVR Add-On Bundles of Sling

With the existing subscription to Sling TV, you can get Add-Ons that give you more channels. There are more than a dozen extra packages to choose add. In addition. DVR support is also present in the Add-On Bundles. These bundles come at a discounted price.

Total TV Deal

This package comes with 7 different categories of channels that everyone likes to watch. You will get sports channels, lifestyle and comedy, etc. Moreover, DVR is also included in this $45 package.

4 Extras Deal

In this package, Sling offers 4 popular extra channels that cost $ 13 per month. If you get separate channels then you will be paying more than half of what 4 Extra Deal gives.

DVR Add-On

The regular DVR in Sling TV offers 50 hours but there is an add-on option for that. The DVR Plus for Sling TV gives an additional 200 hours of storage on top of your current subscription plan. This add-on only costs $5 to add the behemoth of value.


Take advantage of Sling TV‘s competitive pricing to discover flexible and affordable streaming options. Plans for Sling TV start at just $40 per month (or $45 in some areas), making it an affordable option to watch a wide variety of channels. If you want even more value, you can get access to up to 49 channels by bundling both plans for just $55 a month.

Customize your streaming experience further with Sling TV‘s genre-based add-ons, starting at just $6 a month. By providing mini-bundles of relevant channels, these add-ons let you customize your content to suit your tastes. Furthermore, Sling TV offers premium add-ons that grant you access to exclusive content, like Showtime for $10 per month and Starz for $9 per month.

Although Sling TV does not provide a conventional free trial, it does offer substitutes like the “Freestream” service and regular new member discounts of 50%. To make sure you’re getting the best value, evaluate these offers and services against those of other competitors. Take advantage of Sling TV‘s transparent and reasonably priced pricing options to embrace affordability, variety, and customization.

Final Words

Sling TV comes with a low price that will not take away all your money in subscribing to a streaming platform. Now you can watch your favorite live sports, movies, and shows without having to pay a lot of money. You can choose which bundle get to ensure that you getting worth your investment.

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