MobileApp Mythemeshop WordPress Theme At 50% Off

Are you a mobile app developer, android or ios and you have invested most of your available fund in development and testing of it. So are you again going to spend more money in designing and development of the website for it ? Obviously the answer will be “no” for most of us. What if some offered you a handy WordPress theme which can be configured within few minutes ? This where premium theme developers called mythemeshop have worked and released Mobile App WordPress theme exclusively for showcasing your app on the desktop.

MobileApp Review

As most of us are using our mobiles to view website, it is crucial that the above mentioned one is responsive no matter on what browser its viewed. Since opera mini is widely used we are testing it on that, hopefully the design was responsive and rendered correctly up to 95%. We are attaching the test screenshot below.

mobile app wordpress theme responsive test screenshot

Responsive test of it

Speed test with pingdom

pingdom speed test of theme

As you can see it takes less than a second to load

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A crucial factor as far as bounce rate and indexing in various search engines are concerned. Our speed test result for the homepage

  • Pagespeed score for the same

Mobile, speed : 78
User experience : 93
Desktop : 91

  • It comes packed with cool parallax and text effects and you can see it in action from the demo page, link to it attached below
  • Animations on the phone screen as the user scrolls down the page
  • Support for child theme makes the customization an easy task
  • You quickly turn on or off whether to redirect every page to homepage or not

What about support ?

Months back we tried one of their free theme called POINT, it didn’t have sticky menu option that we liked to have. All we did was submit a request in the support forum and say what they solved the issue within a day by giving us a custom css code that can be added via the administration panel.

  • It also to be noted that the package also contains a documentation on how you can configure as seen in the demo
  • It also offers unlimited
    • colors
    • backgrounds
    • buttons
    • sections

If you are reading this which means you like to buy it, but don’t want to pay the normal cost. You can use our exclusive promo code ” crawlerguys ” to get a whopping discount of 50% during the checkout.

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