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Facebook being amongst the most known social networking website all over the world has almost all the people linked to each other, the main motive of this social networking site is to provide a platform where people from different or same region can interact with each other, produce comments on topics that are available for discussion or even build up a public area to discuss an unlisted topic. Due to the popularity of Facebook amongst every aged user, the app store of different mobile store has always been flooded with apps linked to Facebook. There is a wide variety of purposeful application available on the stores from using the chat utility of Facebook to the posting of status or commenting to someone’s status on your friend list. There is also a wide variety of software that enhances the functionality of the social networking website like providing more variety of emoticons which are comparatively more expressive than the regularly available emoticons on the website. Another type of software is discussed below.


who viewed my profile appAre you interested in knowing who is continuously interested in viewing your profile? Or who is stalking you? There is a way to find the answer to the questions above; there are many applications available on the internet that allows us to find the solution of the problem. One option is the who viewed my profile developed by the Bits And Bytes. It is light downloadable software of 3.6 MB and also has a rating of 3.5 on the Google play store.


The software has a very simple interface, the first time that you log in you are asked to put in your Log in ID and your password in the provided area. If the username and password provided by you are correct the next step is to allow the application to access your public profile; after providing this permission the next screen that is displayed in front of the user is a list of 50 Facebook users that are recently linked to your profile. You may scroll between the 50 Facebook users that are displayed according to their connectivity with your profile. The display shows you the name of the persons profile and there display picture.



Facebook provides this listing according to an algorithm made by the developers at Facebook only. The basic idea of this list is to provide a list of 50 people that interact with your profile, the case may be that the first person on the list may be the person with whom you chat on a daily person or the person who comments on your uploaded photographs and or status. The best way to find out who is the person interested in you by ignoring the person with whom you interact on a daily basis and sorting the people that you are unknown to. The unknown people in the list are your secret admirers.

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The main work of this software is just to provide entertainment to the user, the resultant should not be taken seriously and the Developers of the application will not be taking any responsibility of the resultant that are viewed by you on the resultant screen. The list viewed may be incorrect that is the reason that the application has been listed under the entertainment section of the Google app store. To wrap all up in a line or two the who viewed my profile app is a fun way to pass time and is available for all almost all the android versions currently being used in the society. The app is available at a minimum charge of $2.6.

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Are you using iOS device ?

Don’t worry this application with same set of features is available in the store and the link to it is added below

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