iPhone/iPad /iOS 8 Ball Pool Tweak No Jailbreak

In the year’s 2012 the game 8 ball pool was awarded the best Miniclip Game award. It is constantly one of the most played and talked about mobile games in the history of smartphones. 8 ball pool is a simple and fun to play concept that has been taken in from real life. The game has garnered critical acclaim on both the major smartphone platforms of Android as well as iOS. It already has over 10 million + downloads and over hundreds of thousands of active daily players. The popularity of the game has increased so much so that even online tournaments and competitions are organized revolving around the game. Gaming Monk an esports organization in collaboration with ESL launched a competitive gaming platform for the 8 ball pool game. In this gamers from all around the world joined in for a huge prize pool.

8 ball pool has grown slowly and steadily and now enjoys the freedom of expanding. It is a free to download game but has many in app purchases. This includes buying of in game currency popularly known as coins that are placed as wagers before any match played between two online competitors. The game also includes many purchases, which the users are tempted to buy awesome looking cues which improve the game at times too. The fancy cues that are available for buying are not only for showing but also helps improve accuracy and the overall game for the players. Today we are going to help you get all these in app purchases for free using the 8 ball pool tweak that can be easily downloaded on any iOS device.


Well, this game being such a popular one has got tons of tweaks available for it online. The tweak that we are talking about can be downloaded easily using a third party software known as Tutu app helper. Tutu app helper is an out of application store service that is meant to provide people with tweaks, hacks etc for their iOS devices for absolutely free of costs. Tutu is simply an alternative to the app store and includes many apps, games and tweaks for games for no money.


The tweaks can heavily modify the game for your device. The entire experience can be easily changed after you install these tweaks. Here are some of the features that you are going to get through these tweaks for the game –

  1. The tweak in itself is the complete app and doesn’t require any other app to be installed.
  2. A longer and extended cue is present in game to make your shots more accurate and almost guarantee a pot every time you hit the white ball.
  3. The tweak also allows you to make all in app purchases for free of costs and get unlimited coins.
  4. Coin and cash hacks can also be additionally added to the tweak for keeping things smooth.


If you are looking to download the tweaks for the 8 ball pool game then you are at the right place. Here are the necessary steps to download the app on your iOS devices –

  1. Firstly, open up the safari browser on your iDevice.
  2. Now tap or click on this link – [ https://www.tutuapp.vip/ ]

  1. Download the tutu app on your device.
  2. To be able to run the app you would be required to trust the app and this can be done by going into the settings -> general -> device management.

  1. Run the tutu app and you would be prompted to install a free VPN service which keeps apps downloaded through Tutu from running out of licensing on your device.

  1. Now simply search for the 8 Ball pool app on the newly downloaded tutu app. You can also open up this link – [ http://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?appId=2785332&kind=zb&lang=en&r=shareAppVip%2Findex ]
  2. Download and install this app too.
  3. To use the tweaked 8 ball pool app accept and trust its profiles too.


It is advised that you use a guest account while running the game on your device to avoid any kinds of bans on the main account of yours linked through Facebook or Gmail. In case you get a ban on your main account then it would be a permanent one and only you would be responsible for it.

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