How To Increase The Photo Quality In An Android Mobile

Today I was searching for camera application, to improve the camera quality of inbuilt camera. A number of application just surfaced to enhance the pic by adding some effects and filters to the photo taken by our default camera application of the device after the photo is taken.

Here we are not talking about that,we here discuss about on increasing the photo quality when the pics are taken,ie improving the quality to 100 from 80(quality of photo taken by most of the phone)

To accomplish this task we can use two apps named camera fv and camera360 or just any one of the fore said .

Camera fv 5

image quality enhancement

Camera fv 5 screen shot

This app is first in our list due to its immense capabilities,so don’t expect this one as a free file you have to pay around 3$ to get the application.Like any other ones you will be greeted with setup/start-up wizard after successful installation of the it in your mobile, we recommend you to complete the wizard instead of skipping it for saving time.Then you can see the user interface with all the icons.Click on the setup icon (the geared one from the top left corner)>click on photo encoding setting>JPEG Quality level,you can select 100 best or the predefined quality by scrolling down.The app also lets you to change the photo format from JPEG from PNG format(for better quality of pics,simple editing not possible). Contrast,saturation and sharpness can also be adjusted from the encoding settings>image parameters.When taking burst mode photos we can customize the the number of photos taken with time interval between each pic with refocusing between each pic,select the menu from the left bar>shooting utilities>int>intervalometer.The thing we don’t liked about this package is that you cant take photo with single touch,you need to first tap the screen to focus the camera then you have to tap on the circle in the right bar to capture the stills.

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Click here to download the app


360 view

camera360 app screen shot

If you don’t want to spend anything for improving the quality of the pic then camera360 app is just for you guys,since this is a free one don’t expect the photo quality to be 100 because the app can only produce a pic up-to the quality of 95(superfine). To achieve this quality click on the settings icon(the gear icon from the app)>advanced settings>photo settings>photo quality>select super fine.The app also lets you to sync the photos to camera360 cloud,as a backup.In addition to these features the app also lets you to connect to Sony lens via Sony wi-fi,a unique feature of the app.Adding effects to photos while taking the stills are also possible,this feature is still in beta state.To enable this feature click on settings>advanced settings>smart use>live effects (beta). With the predefined puzzle option you can arrange the snaps in particular order with the help of this app.You can also customize the volume button to take the snap from the advanced settings page.what we don’t liked the app was no scene modes to select,to burst mode,until you force close the app it will continue to run in the background,if you can compromise on these,camera360 is worth a try.

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