What is Error 1020? How to fix it? Simple And Easy Method

Error 1020 is a problem within the realm of Cloudflare that is used to enhance website security. There are many security tools that a website need to function optimally. For instance, online threats are the major reason why CLoudfare security is integrated into internet applications. Today, we will take a look at the ways you can fix the “Error 1020”.

What is Error 1020?

Error 1020 is often known as “Access Denied” and it usually occurs when attempting to visit a website.

The security features of a web server like firewalls and security software relate to this error. Security tools serve as barriers of defense to protect the server and its contents, which are generally what cause this error. Error 1020 might happen for a number of different causes.

One frequent reason is when the server blocks a user’s IP address. This could happen if the server has blocked access to the website and its contents. It may be due to it user’s online behavior and harmful acts with their IP address. The server answers a request to access a certain piece of content on the website with the 1020 error message. As a result, it prevents the user from seeing the requested information.

Users who encounter Error 1020 should follow a few steps to fix the problem. In order to be sure that their IP address is not connected to any harmful activity, it is first advised to verify their IP reputation. They might think about getting in touch with the website administrator if everything seems to be in order on their end and they have justifiable reasons for viewing the site. Users can request changes to the website’s security settings or that their IP address be added to a whitelist by getting in touch with the administrator. It will enable them to view the material without getting the 1020 error.

How you can Fix the issue?

Error 1020 is a common problem that we usually see as “Access Denied”. There are many ways you can remove the access denied problem.

Go Through Your Website Pages

One or two pages in the website may not work properly resulting in an unavailability of that webpage. Visitors may find it hard to access certain pages that are affected by Error 1020.

If most of the pages work but only a few are not working then chances are that it is a problem from the server end. All you have to do is wait for some time till the server resolves the issue. After that, the error 1020 will not show up again.

Clear the Cache of Your Browser

Generally, web browsers store cache to improve the user experience. However, the intricacies of caching and storing cache may lead to some problems. These caches can be corrupted and cause the “Access Denied” error when you visit a certain website. To resolve the cache problem, you should clear your browser’s cache using the steps below.

  • Open your Browser and go to the options icon known as Ellipsis or three dots.

  • Now select the “Settings options”.

  • Once you enter settings, enter “Privacy and Security” by doing a left click on it.

  • Find the Clear browsing data option and hit the click button on it. Make sure you click all the checkboxes of “Cached Images and Files”. Other checkboxes should be unchecked.


Use Another Browser

Sometimes all you have to do to remove error 1020 is by changing your current browser. If the website you are trying to enter keeps on showing access denied, it is better to choose another browser. The “Access Denied” problem may not even get resolved even when you tweak the browser’s settings.

Your current browser may not have the latest update or misconfigured settings. In that case, our error here will still persist. As a result, use any other reliable Windows browsers and check if it helps.


The “Error 1020 Access Denied” error is protected by Cloudflare which adds extra security to servers. However, as we know, it brings a halt to visitors trying to enter some web pages. The problem can occur due to many reasons, as a result, you have to take several measures to overcome this problem. Above are the methods that you can try so that you do not encounter the “Error 1020” message again.

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