How to watch your favorite sports event on mobile, for free

When it comes to our favorite athletes, the favorite sports teams, or the favorite sports events, we all want to have the live experience every time we want to. We also know the importance of getting to see and know the development of the game as soon as possible.

This is very easy today with the use of the mobile devices. There are hundreds or even thousands of apps which offer you the live sports experience, and many do it for free. As we venture to work, travelling, in planes or on the road, or just outside the home, we want to be connected to all the sports events happening around the clock and around the globe.

Trying to get all the updates will make us choose the right app. If you want soccer, there are special apps. So are for tennis, football, baseball, basketball or any other sport. The technology can either bring all these together on a single website or app, or you can have an app for each.


There are different apps which allow you to watch the live development of the sports event. Some examples are LiveScore, FlashScore, Soccerway, Soccerstand, or 365 Scores. Also, there are many sports apps from traditional TV channels, but also special TV and live text apps for different sports leagues. The scores and results sometimes update so fast that you can see it before actually on TV or on an online video streaming. Basically, you don’t experience any lag with a good Internet connection.


While most of these apps are free, they also come with special promotions and in Premium options. Some of them are only compatible in a limited number of countries, an on certain platforms. Almost all of them use Android or Windows, but when it comes to other platforms, iOS or Chromecast, there are cases when can be restrictions.


Watching sports on apps is similar to watching them on TV


The best part when watching your favorite sports event on the mobile is when you can watch videos either live or in a matter of minutes, from virtually any place of the world.


One way to do this is through the special TV features offered by specialized sports sites. For example, Unibet Sports App, which offers you access to Unibet TV with over 40,000 thousands video live streamed events. The events range from soccer (La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, EFL and FA Cup games), to NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, ATP & WTA tennis, but also all the UK & IRE Horse Racing, rugby, cricket, snooker, volleyball, and other sports.


This means getting to watch so many events in a single day, and having it on a betting site means also bet and watch live. One of the best parts is that the delay is usually less than 10 seconds, similar to live TV broadcasts, but this is depending on the speed of the user’s broadband. There are also live and up-to-date statistics, and all this can be on the mobile devices, but also on your computer.


The live transmission is made in collaboration with the dedicated broadcasters, which help bringing the live video coverage of the most important sports events in the world.


Depending on each sports app, there are separate rules to use the TV or any other live feature. While they are generally free, some need a logging account which is in most of the times always free. Other require having some money in the account or have placed a bet in the last day or days.



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