Best Personal Search Engine To See Different Services Of Restaurants Or Bars | Oosout iOS App Review

Oosout is a unique app for travellers and party-goers to take a sneak peek into what’s actually going on at an establishment. The app acts like a personal search engine for you where you can see the different services offered by the restaurants or bars. The hub is open for all and has a special advertising section for the bars and bartenders where they can advertise special events etc.

Oosout is specially designed for the party freaks who love to visit bars and restaurants every weekend. Users can easily get to see how crowded the bars and restaurants are and how they amaze their visitors through a video tour. Yes, a special video tour helps the users to see and check the actual service provided by the particular bar and restaurant.

If you are a traveler and looking for a way to explore the nightlife of a particular city, then this app is there to let you explore every single restaurant and bar of the city through a video tour. The app features address and helps you in navigating to the selected place using the built-in navigation feature. It helps new visitors to locate the right place around.

Key Features:

User-friendly Interface

The app is very user-friendly and anyone can easily get started with it just by installing it on a respective iOS. You will be amazed to see how beautifully they have designed it for you. You can explore various feeds and can watch videos posted by the bars and bartenders to welcome you.

Easy Search

As noted above, Oosout app behaves like a dedicated search-engine for party-goers. Once you are done with the installation of the app, you can simply start searching for the bar or restaurant using the Seach bar.

View Videos

The app includes a special video feed for the new users who can watch videos of the inside of the bars. The videos will help the user to figure out whether he should visit it or not. The video will show the crowd inside the bar and the services and facilities available there.

Get quick details

Apart from watching the videos, the same app lets you get quick details of the bar. You will get to know about the contact details, address with the right location etc. from the app itself. All the information about the bar will be given there along with the open hours, off-days, contact information and address.


Once you are done visiting the selected bar from the app, you can also leave your feedback by selecting the stars from the rating section. You can also leave a text comment about the experiences that you have experienced at the bar.

Favorites Section

Many youngsters do spend their weekend time partying with friends at different clubs and bars. If you too are a frequent visitor to the clubs etc., you can add them to your favorites list. This will help you to locate them easily. You can also share the details with your friends about the bar from the app itself.

If you own a bar or a restaurant in the United States, you can make use of this app to advertise things. Unlike other platforms, this app offers a dedicated platform to advertise for the right audiences. On-going special events and entertainment-related advertisements can be posted on the app as an advertisement.

How does this app work?

Using Oosout is very simple. All you have to do is just install the app on a respective device first and sign up for a new account. You can sign up on the platform with an Apple Id, Google Id or Facebook. You can also use the Create an account option to create a new account on the Oosout platform. You can also explore the app by selecting Continue as guest option from the main sign up page.

Upon launching the app, you will get to see two different options, one for the normal user and the other for the bar owners. Depending on your position, you can select the option to start using it. You can use the Settings menu to customize the app as per your needs.

Since the app is for free, you will see ads from various bars etc on the feed. You can go add-free by paying $1.99. You can also become a premium subscriber of the platform if you need premium services.

Final Words:

Oosout is a new way to find a suitable bar where you can create memories with your loved ones. The app serves easy user-interface with quick video feeds and all the information about the bars from various locations across the Country. You can also search for the bars and restaurants if you are going out of town by selecting the locations from the listings.

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