Free Kaspersky Total Security And Internet Security 2016 Genuine License Key

Software is a set of computer program and a technical achievement needs uncountable number of software’s. Right? Well today here we go with software whose major task is to provide security during browsing. There are many like me who think of safe browsing and this Windows software is going to clear all your worries about protection while browsing. Just go on with the complete review Kaspersky Internet security and I am sure you are going to import the software by the end.

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What is Kaspersky Internet Security ?

ktsIt is commonly known as KIS, it is an internet protection software specially related to the internet during browsing. There are different methods in order to continue safe browsing and KIS is best of them. It can be accepted on the both Windows and Mac platforms. You are safe from spam mails, Phishing pages, hacking attempts and several attacks to steal your data with KIS.

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 :

Antivirus Protection:

The only thing which makes you worry a lot about personal computer is Antivirus! KSI works similar to most of the antivirus software’s but a bit more efficient. It scans the files and scan able programs by comparing the files with the with the malware database, to know the errors of the existed files on the computer. The signs of the malware updates are notified regularly and sometimes may be within 15-20 minutes. The scan button is not displayed directly, but it can be displayed within two clicks. Finally it performs the full scans along with the scans of the removable disk by clicking on the scan button. KIS is not suggested for those who needs time scheduled scans.


I think this was the main purpose of KIS installation and here are the protection features. KSI is the most advanced and unique software as per protection features. It even access the webcam to prevent regular hijacks from third party software’s. It blocks the messages which are communicated with unencrypted passwords and it acts as a spy over the removable devices.

Provide extensions:

If you are a frequent browser, KIS latest build allows the security extensions to be installed in your browsers. KIS-add on extensions for the Microsoft internet explorer including google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These acts as a spy during your online web works. One more thing, it is included with a strong password manager to save your online passwords safely. It is included with an exhaustive shredder, through which you can eliminate any requested file from the required drive within no time.

Safe Money:

Don’t be fused, it’s just one more feature of KIS.This feature works smartly for the people who are familiar with Ecommerce websites. Here is an option to list up the frequently used sites and they runs is a more secured version of google chrome/other popular browser other than normal websites. A privacy tracker can clean up your previous online tracks and from the computers temp folders. Kaspersky encrypt the required file to provide more protection to you.

Performance optimization:

First of all, it’s not a feature related to protection. But although it’s a needed feature to boost up your computer performance. A special option in KIS is dedicated to boost purpose in order to release the resources from the process when they are not needed and hence the optimization of your pc is increased. It’s better than Avast and so on regarding this.

So how can you get free genuine license key either 2015/2016 version for free ?

Simple follow the steps below.

This campaign is for users from India as a part of clean India initiative, but if you are not from India you can use of a free VPN and switch to the country to India when accessing the promo page as well as during the key registration.

Click on this promo link

Now if you are not a techie who don’t know how to use a VPN there there is a extended trial version that will give you 60 days instead of usual 30 days, interested then visit the promo link here and download the online installer.

  • Enter the required info like Name, Email, Contact and click the Submit button.

Fill in the required details


Key is now sent

  • You will get the key in your mail id as shown below
free premium

Key received

  • Enter the keys in the required field of 2015/2016 version and you are good to go.

Note : The key can be used in 3 devices like Windows, Mac and Android.

Set up and installation process:

• As I had mentioned earlier, two versions of KIS are available and as usual trial with all features and premium with every features for a period of one/three year.
• You can download your selected version from here (official website).

user interface of security• Here you need a bit of patience as it takes nearly 30-45 minutes to install the complete package and it scans the total programs meanwhile.
• Below is the snapshot after scanning, Look at the bottom and you are able to find some of the features which we had discussed above such as scan, SafeMoney etc.

free 30 days• There was an option included through which we can get the analysis report of the existing files and installed applications.


Trusted mode

• The above company antivirus software supports all the recent versions of windows and it has set of software’s which are compactable for the Mac and android operating systems.
• But the sad part is, they didn’t have a developed privacy tools for the Mac and window mobiles. Strong password manager and safe browser tools are available from its kit.

Other info

  • Version : v16.0.1.445

Kaspersky Total Security 2016 offline installer for Windows

Offline installer for Windows 32/64 bit (166 MB)


When compared to the Avast and leading protection software’s KIS positioned well due to its quick installation and performance. The only thing that bothers us we have to browse to new windows by clicking to get scanned and some other and it was just a 2 sec of work. Finally KIS is good one to install for safe browsing and to boost the device performance. You are suggested to the premium features before going to upgrade your trail version.

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