How To Quickly Preview Audio And Video Files In Windows 10 Laptop Surface PRO

Utilizing the optimal set of tools at your disposal can boost your productivity. Previewing files can go a long way in your productive endeavor. Doing that will eliminate the time it takes to open up the file and look at it. On Windows 10, you can simply click on the file and get a preview which can give you the information you need.

In this guide, we want to tell you about the ways you can Quickly Preview Audio And Video Files In Windows 10.

File Explorer Preview Pane

We believe that this method is the easiest and anyone can do it as long as they have a computer. All Windows 10 computer comes with an in-built File Explorer. The file explorer offers versatile file managing features that also provide a preview option in the name of “Preview Pane”.

To access the preview pane, a few clicks are sufficient.

  • Open up the Windows File Explorer and click on “View Tab” at the top.

  • After visiting the View tab, you will see new options under the Windows View tab. The beginning section of the tab will include pane options. One of them is going to be “Preview Pane”. So you already know the next move here which is to click on the “Preview Pane” option.

  • After clicking on the preview pane, a new pane will be on the right-hand side of the explorer. You can click on any files or media to see a preview on the right pane.

Users can alter the size of the preview by dragging the dividing line of the preview pane and the main file window. To remove the preview pane again, you simply have to click on the preview pane again.

While File Explorer is the easiest method, it is not the most practical. To get the best out of previews, you have to adopt other methods down below.

WinQuick Look

You can purchase and install the WinQuick in a convenient manner from the Microsoft Store. Before you learn about this method, let’s talk about WinQuick First.

WinQuick is a Windows application whose sole purpose is to give you the best possible preview of it. It automatically integrates into your file explorer and starts working as if it was there all the time. To implement its seamless integration, press the space key once you open the application.

Install WinQuick Look on your computer and you won’t have to do anything with it again. This tool is a quick solution to your preview problems. Do a single click on any file you want to preview and press the space bar and WinQuick will display the preview of the file.

You can preview many types of files on WinQuick Look such as documents, PDFs, and other media.

Cool File Viewer

For Windows users looking for a quick and effective way to preview a variety of file formats without having to open them in their respective apps, WinQuick Look is a useful tool. WinQuick Look expands on this idea, whereas the free edition of Cool File Viewer only supports a few file types.

Users may examine a wide range of file formats using WinQuick Look, including PDFs, different picture kinds, and a variety of audio and video files. With this utility, users may view and edit Microsoft Office documents as well as easily extract compressed files in the ZIP and RAR formats.

WinQuick Look stands out due to its seamless integration into File Explorer, which enables users to preview files with a single spacebar push or by right-clicking and choosing “Quick Look.” By removing the need to launch several apps to view files, this feature increases user productivity. Windows users may quickly and easily optimize their process and save time using WinQuick Look.


For every solution or improvement, there is a tool or an option in Windows. Previewing your files before opening them can save you a lot of time. Your workflow will be seamless and you will not get the burden of opening up every file to see if you have the right one. The methods that you have just read are the best ways you can preview files on Windows 10.

If you need a quick preview, then the preview pane should suffice. However, if you want more versatility then you can download WinQuick Look or Cool File Viewer.

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