Choosing the Right Laptop: 6 Features to Look For

Laptops have become a necessity as people use them for work, research, exams, or just regular web surfing. If you don’t have one or want to upgrade yours, then you would probably go online and do some research. However, there are so many options to choose from that can be overwhelming. Before you make a decision, there are questions that you should ask yourself first; what operating system do you prefer? What are your needs? Are you a gamer? What is your budget? These are all questions that you have to ask yourself in order to narrow down your options. To help you make a better decision and make the right choice, here are some tips for laptop features that you should look for.

The Operating System

Choosing an operating system mainly depends on your personal preference. There are three operating systems (Windows, MacOS, and Chrome OS) and a laptop usually comes with one of them. Windows is the most popular operating system, and it has many features like dual graphics chips, fingerprint, and Cortana the helpful assistant. Additionally, Windows 10 is the best operating system for gamers. If you are an Apple fan, then MacBooks are the right choice for you. They have the same features as Windows (except for the touch feature), a different interface, and use Siri instead of Cortana. Last but not least is Chrome OS. Although it is simple and secure, it has its limitations, unlike Windows and MacOS. Its interface is similar to that of Windows and it is perfect for chatting, web surfing, and checking your email. It won’t cost you much, and it is perfect for kids since it is almost impossible to infect it with malware.

The Display

Choosing the display depends on your needs and where you will use your laptop. If you don’t have to take it to work or school, and you will just leave it on a desk, then you should opt for a large screen. A large screen means a better resolution, which will make playing games and watching movies a pleasant experience. However, if you want a notebook that you can carry around or use on your lap, then a small screen is the right choice for you. In this case, you should opt for a screen that ranges from 11 to 17 inches.


The CPU is considered the laptop’s brain, and it is made of physical cores. If you want a powerful laptop, then you should opt for more cores. If you are a gamer and want a fast laptop, then the Core i7 laptops will give you the kind of processing power and performance that you will need and more. Even if you aren’t a heavy user, there are different types of Core i7 chips that offer a lower performance so choose one based on your budget and needs.

The Storage Drive

Your new laptop’s storage drive is one of the most important features that you should look out for. The last thing you want is to delete important files to make space for new ones. However, thanks to the cloud and streaming services, you don’t need to waste money on large storage. A 256GB will be sufficient for the average user. Most people focus on storage and ignore the hard drive type, which is more important. There are two types to choose from, the solid-state drive (SSD) which is faster and the hard disk drive (HDD) which is slower but a lot cheaper.

The RAMs

RAMs are responsible for the number of tasks your laptop can handle. For normal everyday use, you can opt for an 8 or 16 GB RAM. The great thing about RAMs is that they aren’t expensive, so even if you buy an 8GB RAM notebook now, you can upgrade it later to make your device faster, and able to handle many tasks at once.

The Battery

Most laptop batteries can remain charged to suffice a whole working day. However, if you want a battery that lasts longer, then you should know that your laptop will be heavier and bulkier. However, if you want a slim machine, then don’t expect much from your battery life. The best way to determine the battery’s capacity before buying it is by reading other users’ reviews to learn about their experience.

Buying a laptop is an investment as this machine will last for a few years. Before making a purchase, you should first consider certain features and opt for ones that fit your needs and budget. Understanding your needs and being aware of the different features out there will make your choice a lot easier.

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