Phone Therapy All You Need To Know

Phone therapy has become an aspect of life as modern times are causing a lot of problems among youngsters, grown-up people, and even mature people. It is important to go for therapy sessions to lead a happy life ahead and avoid further damage in personal life, career, and more.

Is online therapy worth your time?

Note: Online therapy is not for someone, who has serious problems like suicidal thoughts. We do recommend the readers to consult the professionals physically for up & close therapy.

I mean, I should say that nothing beats physical presence and therapist environment. However, not every individual can book an appointment and visit the therapist. Since time is precious in many individual lives, and that’s when online therapy comes in handy, and solve your problems without visiting and wasting any time.


I want to confirm the readers that online therapy works for individuals, who don’t suffer from severe mental illness. Millions of people suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress due to several reasons and this is a common problem nowadays. Phone therapy is a good option for individuals, who don’t have the luxury of time to book an appointment and meet the therapist in-office. Sometimes, you don’t want to visit the office for the session to maintain privacy, and telephone therapy is a good option.

2. Confidential

I want privacy in everything because I don’t want to share a few pieces of my life with anyone, especially when I’m working in a firm or multi-national company. After all, I could ruin my chances of promotion. Fortunately, you can attend the session without worrying about the therapist revealing the identity in public. Nobody can learn about your presence and appointments and lead a simple life.

Of course, the therapist knows the patient’s identity, but they don’t share it with third-party individuals and business people. The policy will keep the session and your presence secret from the world, so you can continue living a comfortable life.

3. Costs Less

Phone therapy is proven to cost lesser than in-office therapy and does not break the savings vault. In the United States of America, licensed practitioners charge $50 – $200 per session or a one-hour session. Many leading platforms like BetterHelp session price starts from $40 – $70 per week. Overall, you don’t have to spend plenty of money on sessions because you have plenty of packages, where you can contact the therapist via messages and more.

4. Therapy Sessions

There isn’t much difference between in-office and telephone therapy because the number of sessions depends on the severity and treatment duration. Overall, nobody is rushing into things here and will address your problems appropriately until you are relieved from the tensions. If something is not working out, then you can always switch to another therapist and start all over again and that’s the beauty of having options.

5. Multiple Contact Options

The majority of telephone therapy is done via the voice call, but you do have options that are convenience. For instance, you can choose to text or exchange email for further support to solve your problem. The counselor is always present to improve your life, and exchange texts and messages for further support. Of course, the existing therapy plans do allow message support without paying an additional penny. However, the online counselor might not suggest it, depending on the severity of your condition.

Who should not seek counseling online?

Mental health is a serious problem and nobody should take it lightly. Online therapy sounds good for everyone because you can maintain privacy, low-cost option, save time, and multiple options. However, I did meet people, who have suicidal thoughts, harming someone, and an unstable mind.

In-office therapy will monitor your behavior patterns, and what is negatively affecting you. Since the counselor provides real-life guidance, new strategies, addiction, and more. Always approach licensed therapists for correct advice, and guidance because there are no many fraudulent people nowadays.

Bottom Line

Phone therapy is suitable for working men and women seeking professional guidance to cope with career-related problems. Since stress, anxiety, tensions, and other things are impacting the lives of the average citizen, I think, phone therapy is a life savior solution.

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